15 Signs you are Addicted to CrossFit

15 Signs you are addicted to CrossFit

You have drunk the cool aid. You now speak another language involving WODS, RX and AMRAP. Diane, Fran and Grace are your new best friends.

Some say it might be a problem, others say a passion.  Are you addicted?

Here are 15 Signs you are Addicted to CrossFit!


1. Your laundry contains 90% Gym Clothes, 10% Work Clothes. You no longer have any casual clothes.

2. You giggle every time you hear the word “Snatch” in a WOD.

3. You administer punishment to your children, friends and co-workers in the form of burpees.

4. Your Instagram and Facebook Feed is full of photos and videos of you at CrossFit.

5. You keep reloading your Box’s website until tomorrow’s WOD is loaded.

6. You have developed a healthy obsession with Bacon.

7. You now own more pairs of CrossFit Shoes, Weightlifting Shoes than dress shoes.

8. You dream of what it would be like walking around on your hands, rather than using your feet.

9. You size up every bar, beam and tree to do pull ups on.

10. You never use a trolley at the supermarket, it’s all about the real life farmers carry.

11. You shamelessly try and recruit all of your friends and family to do CrossFit.

12. You wear your bruised shins like a badge of honor.

13. You have compared your ripped and callused hands with friends.

14. You realise that chalk is the answer to all life’s problems.

15. You are all about the latest and greatest CrossFit Swag!

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Photo Credit: CrossFitN6

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