2015 CrossFit Team Series Details

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2015 CrossFit Team Series Details


The CrossFit Team Series is back! Here’s your chance to compete against the world’s fittest CrossFitters.  Think you have what it takes to smash these WODs and take home the cash? Check out the details below to learn what it’s all about and how you can get involved.


Week 1: September 9 – 15  (10am AEST)
Week 2: October 7 – 13 (10am AEST)
Register: August 19-September 9


Open (all ages)
Teenage (14-17)
Masters (40+)


$80 per team

$500 for teams with sponsored team name


Prize Purse
1st – $30,000
2nd – $25,000
3rd – $20,000
4th – $17,000
5th – $14,000
6th – $11,000
7th – $10,000
8th – $9,000
9th – $8,000
10th – $7,000


Any two men and two women can form a team in this year’s Team Series. Although you and your teammates do not have to attend the same CrossFit affiliate, teammates will be required to complete all of the workouts together.


2 total competition weeks with 6 days to complete each workout


Teams may jump from scaled to RX as they choose. One rep as prescribed will beat the highest scaled score.


Registration began on Aug. 19 and signup can be found here.


Official 2015 CrossFit Team Series Rulebook



Last Years Top 5 Results


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HQ’s To Do List
1. Find three teammates.
2. Come back to Games.CrossFit.com between Aug. 19 and Sept. 9 to register your team.
3. Make sure all teammates accept your email invites.
4. Compete!



Video Creds: Andrew Melling