4 Reasons to keep a CrossFit Journal

4 Reasons to keep a CrossFit Journal


In CrossFit it is very important to keep a workout journal. So much so, that many coaches practically insist upon it!! It is always surprising when a person who has been CrossFitting for quite some time, is asked what their max effort is on a particular lift, or their latest “FRAN” time. Often, these questions are responded with a confused look. Why? Because these people do not keep a journal!


Fail to Plan. Plan to Fail.


The simple way to fix this is to develop a system which you can track your WODs, Olympic Lifts, Power Lifts, Benchmark WOD’s, Rows, Run, Gymnastics as well as your daily nutrition and sleep. There is a reason why people who record their information are more successful.

Top Reasons to keep a CrossFit Journal


1. Acceleration of Learning


With many acronyms and phrases unique to CrossFit, using and documenting these daily will help you process the new information. Quickly you will feel comfortable with the jargon used by your coaches and you will be able to focus on training more than trying to remember what a EMOM Snatch Balance is!



2. Easy Point of Reference


Recording your weights, movements and scores in a journal gives you a quick, easy to use reference at any point in time. Who can remember what their 20 Rep Max Squat was? Or their maximum ring dips? A journal will allow you to track your weights and give you more accurate goals for the next time you lift. As soon as you have to find your 5 rep max Overhead Squat, you will know exactly what the weight was last time and you will be able to start lifting straight away with purpose. Don’t waste time and energy, continue to push yourself forward with a journal!


CrossFit Northern California Regional 2012

3. Basis of Analysis


Often ask yourself why you have stalled? Having a journal will give you something to look back on to establish a pattern. Were you unwell for a few days last week, did you miss your Olympic Lifting Sessions this week? Also keeping track of nutrition and sleep patterns also allow you to establish some reasons behind your lack of progress. This information is invaluable and allows you to develop strategies and action points to get you back on track!



4. Tracking of Progress.


The BEST thing about keeping a journal is being able to look back through the pages and remind yourself of all the progress you have made during your commitment to CrossFit. It is a lot of fun to see this progress. AND when you are having a day where you are being hard on yourself, it’s encouraging to see you have really come a long way and that ride is a roller coaster!




So, the lesson? If you keep a journal, you WILL get better! Invest the extra 5-10 minutes each day and you will see the progress and what is more, you will get more out of your CrossFit and feel good about it!


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