5 Must-Haves Every Athlete Should Have in Their Gym Bag

Maybe you’re brand new to your sport and you’re not quite yet ready to stock up on all the gear. Or maybe you’re more of a minimalist and prefer to carry around just the necessities. Whatever the case may be, we’d like to guide you in the direction of just a few things you should always keep handy. Keep reading for our five gym gear must-haves.

5 Necessities to Always Bring to the Gym

1. Finger Tape

grip tape

Every week, you’re beating up your grip with deadlifts and pull-ups and cleans and toes-to-bar and a million other movements that wear down the skin. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, you’re going to end up with blisters, rips, and tears.

Finger tape is versatile and provides a much-needed barrier between you and the equipment. Athletes commonly use tape on their thumbs, but you can put it anywhere you’re experiencing soreness or tearing.

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2. Straps

When you’re lifting heavy, your grip often gives out before your strength does. This means that you can’t even attempt those heavier weights that you might be fully capable of lifting.

This is where straps come in.

Straps help you hang onto the bar without actually having to grip it so hard. Think of them like an extension of your own hands. You’ll have an easier time gripping the bar even with heavier weights loaded, so you can continue focus on building strength and improving your technique.

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3. Grips

Similar to tape, grips are there to protect your hands. While athletes do use grips for barbell movements, they’re more commonly used for the pull-up bar and rings. There’s a lot of friction between your hands and the equipment, and grips will help keep the palms of your hands in one piece.

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4. Weightlifting Shoes

If you’re going to be spending dedicated time on improving your Olympic lifts, then we strongly recommend you invest in a pair of weightlifting shoes.

Weightlifting shoes are unique particularly because of the raised heel, which helps to give you a better range of motion when you’re squatting under the bar. Plus, they offer much more stability than traditional functional fitness shoes, keeping your feet more firmly planted on the ground.

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5. Weightlifting Belt

We’d never suggest that you rely on a weightlifting belt completely. You do need to spend time on building up your own innate core strength. But for those workouts where you’re going heavier with the barbell, a high-quality belt can offer protection, comfort, and help you throw around slightly heavier weights.

The kind of belt that’ll be best for you depends on your needs. For instance, a powerlifter will need a different belt from a functional fitness athlete who is using theirs for only part of a workout. Whatever your needs may be, we’ve got you covered.

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If you’re in this for the long haul, it’s in your best interest to have these few key pieces of gear to give you safe and help level up your fitness. What else can you not train without? Any recommendations for beginners? Tell us in the comments!

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