5 Simple Ways to Make Cooking Easier at Home


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Karl from RX Cooking School is dropping some knowledge bombs on how to cook nutrient-dense food that is also interesting and varied.  Check out these 5 simple ways to make cooking easier at home! 


1. Use a sharp knife

Simple fact. More pressure is required to push down with a blunt knife than is required with a sharp knife. Wow…earth shattering fact thanks guys!


More downward force = more unstable = more chance of fingers getting under the blade. This is one of the most important parts of cooking at home, enjoying it more and getting your confidence up. Check out mobile knife sharpeners (about 7 bucks per knife, kitchen shop or learn to use a steele or whetstone)


WODlife - sharp knife


2. Clean as you go

Just like chalk on the floor, plates left out and kettle bells not in colour order! Make a deliberate effort next time you cook to clean as you go. The most dissatisfying thing after you cook a freakin masterpiece is looking around the sink, bench top and possibly floor and trying to cash in the “we run the I cook you clean policy”. So just in case you don’t have a butler or cleaner on hand try to clean a bit as you go – no one ever feels like cleaning after dinner!


3. No rep for no prep

Filthy 50 and girl combos require you to check your gear, your station and of course check where the chalk is! As in cooking getting things in order before you start can make the occasion more enjoyable and give your cooking a greater chance of success.


Dice your onions….put aside, slice your mushrooms…put aside, peel your sweet potato….put aside, you get the drift and by now you’ve realised this is not rocket science….it’s a lesson in common sense. Make a commitment this week to look at the order things are cooked in and cut, slice or dice the ingredients that require it….then start the cooking process.


WODlife - prep or no rep


4. Well stocked pantry

Start simple, relax, and improve…..we all remember the days when we couldn’t string 2 double unders together or look at a muscle up and just laugh, same goes for cooking.

  • Start simple.
  • Start with the basics
  • Build your confidence and you will improve. End result being you are in control of the food you fuel your body with.

All of us are busy and caught in those moments of walking in the door and there is NOTHING to eat in the house. With a well stocked pantry and a few creative ideas a very simple meal can be thrown together quickly, and it can be healthy – check out our free ebook on what should be in your pantry, fridge and freezer.


5. Blend it like Beckham!

Sorry that is a seriously rotten title and it’s hard to get stuff to match Froning, how bout Blitz it like Bazinet, but if you really want to pack a punch with your foods get yourself a blender/food processor.

You can throw just about anything into these bad boys and a minute or so later you have a nutrient dense, tasty and healthy meal… in a glass! It really is the easiest and quickest way to get the most goodness into your body.


WODlife - blend it baby


- Karl


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