5 Tips to Smash your 2017 Goals


5 Tips to Smash your 2017 Goals


2017 is underway. Did you set yourself goals or new years resolutions? If you did, it’s a good point in time to look back on them and check on your progress. If you are off course it’s also a good time to reassess.


A goal without a plan, is just a wish.


The WOD Life have created 5 tips to help you smash your 2016 goals, whether you are aiming to get your first pull up or compete at the CrossFit Games.


1. Establish S.M.A.R.T Goals


The first thing in setting goals is to make sure they are Specific, Measurable, attainably, realistic and timely. Rather than set a goal of “I want to perform pull ups”, adjust your goal to “I want to perform 10 unbroken pull ups by the end of the year”. ┬áNow while we would all like to snatch double bodyweight, make sure it is attainable. The crazier the goal, the less likely you are to succeed and the quicker you will lose motivation. Be honest in setting that goal. Make sure you can measure it (reps, time, weight etc). Be sure its attainable, realistic and give yourself a timeframe to achieve this by. Each of these factors will keep you motivated and accountable in pursuit.



2. Develop Positive Habits


Focus on constant improvement, doing at least one action that assists you reaching your goal. Remember, these 1% efforts each day assist you in forming positive habits. Doing these regularly, they become the norm on which you can build on. For example, if you start to integrate 5 minutes of mobility each day, by the end of the week you will be doing 35 minutes per day! These small improvements build exponentially over time to great success.


3. K.I.S.S.


Keep it simple stupid! As the saying goes, it’s important to keep your goals simple. If they are too difficult to understand let alone conquer you are setting yourself up for failure. While the detail can help, it is often more of a hinderance. Making your goals simple will allow you to avoid the distractions and noise concentrating on what is important. For example, if you are still looking to conquer your first pull up don’t make your goal to nail the backward roll to support. Keep it simple, stay focused.


4. Believe in the process


Remember that you cannot PR everyday. So understand that the journey is a roller coaster. Some days will be tougher than others. When faced with adversity, look back on your goals and put your belief in the process. If you believe in the process you will be more committed long term. Utilise these setbacks as motivation, learn, develop and move forward.


5. Build a good team


It is proven that we are more likely to succeed in numbers. Get your friends, workout buddies and bros involved in your goals. They can be your partner, your best friend or your coach. Get them involved and invested. When times get tough, they can help encourage and keep you on track. As you achieve milestones along the way, they will be right there next to you. Celebrating the success and driving your forward.


Image Credit: CrossFit Mettleworks