5 Ways To Train Your Brain

Did you know that staying fit involves your body and mind? Yes — if you’re only training your body in the gym but neglecting your brain, you’re missing a huge portion of the equation. Maintaining the enthusiasm and determination you need to stay healthy takes serious effort and dedication. Sometimes, these feelings can wane because we realize how challenging training can be. Your thoughts and emotions are in greater control than you might suspect; and what you think about, you create. Thus, training your brain is an absolute must. Here are five ways to do it.

1. Get Your Mind Straight

Are you still thinking of that to-do list at home or work? Do you feel bad that you left your kid with the nanny? Dreading the pile of paperwork sitting on your desk? When you train, you need to make sure that your attention is focused on the task at hand. If you’re distracted, you cannot give your 100% in completing the WOD. This means you either need to tune everything out, or take care of it so it’s no longer taking up valuable brain space.

2. Keep Smiling

In other words, stay positive. There are times when the WOD is not aligned with your strengths; but it shouldn’t pull you down. You have to approach it knowing you’re a rockstar and you can do anything you set your mind to. Encourage and support yourself like you do all your friends at the gym. Flood your mind only with positivity, and your body will follow.

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3. Focus on Yourself

A wise man once said that a person feels envy only when they look at what their neighbour has, instead of what they have. The same can be said for your training. Don’t compare yourself to a person who can lift a 20-pound kettlebell when you’re still working with a five-pound one. Don’t even glance at the time running during the AMRAP. Just focus on your breathing and the number of rounds you can do. You’ll be surprised of how much you can accomplish.

4. Learn From the Past

Wisdom comes from experience. With the help of your coach, try to identify what could have improved in the workout you just did. None of your training will be pointless if you learn at least one thing from it. Find what you could’ve done better, and next time, do it!

5. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Why are you here? What drives you? What is your motivation? It all starts with your “why.” If you don’t know why you are doing this, then you probably won’t stay for the long haul. You’re likelier to give up when things get hard or progress slows. Knowing your why will keep you motivated and committed, no matter what happens.

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