Annie Thorisdottir’s Handstand Obstacle Workout

During the last Crossfit Invitational, we saw that Event 2 had the “inverted agility course,” or Handstand Walk Course, which put the athletes upside-down racing to finish the event. Annie Thorisdottir didn’t get enough, though, and implemented some accessory work during her training plan: a set of free handstand push-ups plus a short obstacle course.

This kind of training strengthens the mid-line and requires immense strength and coordination in each arm. Remember, accessory work is important to include in your daily practice as it makes you stronger and improves your physique by increasing the volume of training and at the same time unloading the stress off specific joints.

You heard what Dave Castro said: this will not be the last time we will see handstand walks in a CrossFit event.

Main image: Morning Chalk Up/Facebook

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