How to Choose a CrossFit Affiliate?



CrossFit continues to grow the world over, with over 10,000 CrossFit Affiliates in operation. Australia is one region in particular that has seen steady rise in CrossFit Affiliates over the past few years. If you are lucky enough, you will have a few in your area!


Having traveled around the world and dropped into many CrossFit Affiliates, there is an amazing amount of CrossFit Affiliates available and experiences to be enjoyed!


So how do you go about choosing a CrossFit Affiliate that is right for you? The WOD Life have looked to make this process easier and stepped out a few key questions to ask yourself in the process.


How to Choose a CrossFit Affiliate?


1. Is the CrossFit Affiliate in a location that I will be able to go consistently?

There is no point signing up to an affiliate two hours drive away, when you know that just won’t work with your schedule. Be sure that the location is convenient, or if it is a distance be confident you will commit to attending regularly.


How do you find one in your area? Check out the CrossFit Affiliate Locator HERE!


2. What are the coaches and owners like?


It’s important that before committing to an affiliate, you introduce yourself to the coaches. Are these people you can get along with? Will they be able to motivate and get the best out of you? Often the coaches and owners set the tone for the affiliate, so if you meet them and get along well you know that you will have a great time when you join!


3. What qualification and experience do the coaches have?


While the Level 1 CrossFit Certifications is recognised as an entry level qualification for coaches, take the time to find out more detail of the qualifications and experience of the coaching staff. How long have they been coaching for? Where have they coached? Who have they coached? Are they athletes themselves? As you gather this information, it will give you more confidence in the affiliate and their offering.


4. What equipment is available?


While we recognise that having the latest and greatest equipment isn’t the be all and end all to choosing a CrossFit Affiliate, it is important to consider the equipment available and on offer. Is there sufficient equipment for athletes in a class? Is it well organised? Is it accessible and in good condition? You can be sure that if the equipment is in good condition, you will be in good hands!


5. What is the layout of the CrossFit affiliate?


Not all CrossFit Affiliates have the luxury of space, so it’s important to get a feel for the layout. Are things well organised? Is there sufficient space available for each WOD? A whiteboard, timer and restrooms? Ask yourself whether or not you will feel comfortable working out in this environment.


6. Is the CrossFit Affiliate clean?


As Greg Glassman once referred, you can tell the quality of an affiliate by the state of their restrooms. A simple check, will allow you to gauge the quality of an CrossFit Affiliate. Don’t expect it to be 5 star, but having a clean shower and restroom will show the affiliates attention to detail and their commitment to ensuring a comfortable environment for all members.


7. What is the community like?


Do yourself a favour and schedule a drop in to experience the CrossFit Affiliate in full flight. Often one of the most daunting aspects of working out and joining a new gym, is the environment and the people. So be sure to get amongst it, introduce yourself and meet the other members in the WOD. Throw out a high five and congratulate other members after finishing a WOD.


One of the key reasons we keep coming back to the box, is the people we meet and the camaraderie built through enduring a journey of fitness and the tough WODs together.  While each CrossFit Affiliate is different, it’s important to find the right fit for yourself. It is these relationships that will keep you coming back and motivated each and everyday!


8. Does the CrossFit Affiliate meet my needs and goals?


Identify your goals. Are you looking to lose weight? Improve your fitness? Compete at the CrossFit Games?  Ensure that the affiliate you are selecting is going to assist you reach these goals. Matching you goals with what the affiliate provides is key!


Like all good relationships, it may take some time for you to find the right affiliate, but when you do it’s totally worth it! Don’t forget to have fun in the process!