Inside The Box: CrossFit Victus

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Inside The Box: CrossFit Victus




Box Motto: “Manner of Life”
Location: Unit 3, 17-25 Lake Albert Road Wagga Wagga NSW 2650





- How did CrossFit Victus get it’s start?

At the time I was running a personal training business out of a local gym. My methods were of a functional fitness nature and in 2009 a mate got me to start doing crossfit workouts with him. CrossFit was still quite raw and it was a cool and exciting time. I knew it was time to get in my own space and a CrossFit affiliate was a natural progression. The business model and general image of a CrossFit Affiliate at that time suited my style perfectly.


- How has CF Victus evolved since then?

There has been a huge change in CrossFit since our inception. Crossfit was relatively unheard of back then and hadn’t really made its own name within the fitness ranks. It was very much just a version of functional fitness. Now days, CrossFit is everywhere and owning an affiliate can be big business with state of the art equipment and facilities, and big money for sponsored/ professional athletes.


- Why “Victus?”

I wanted a name that was unique, and grabbed attention. “Victus”, by latin definition means livelihood, living, manner of life, subsistence, way of life. All these words sum us up perfectly.


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- From what you hear, what is the biggest misconception about CrossFit?

That it’s too hard!


- What do you love about coaching?

Seeing people achieve goals, whether it be fitness, weight loss or something more specific, its definitely the most rewarding feeling. Knowing you’re contributing to someone achieving genuine happiness is pretty awesome. Also simple things like seeing a members face light up when the get their first muscle-up or pull up, or get a PB. There’s a lot to love about Coaching.


- What is your community like at CF Victus?

Amazing! Although we train hard, its all about having fun. We dont take it too seriously and are very social. Theres always something happening around the box, whether its an inhouse comp or social event. We spend a fair amount of time together and are all great mates. Its an awesome group of people.


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- How do you program for your CrossFit classes?

We work on a 5 week cycle and also use a levels based programming structure. We program for GPP and find our members to be very well rounded athletes, with an even skill base across all the disciplines.


- Describe your typical CrossFit class structure.

We begin with an explanation of the WOD as discuss what we’d hope to be achieved during the session. Then onto a general group warmup, followed by some more specific drills. We are quite particular about technique so we then have a skills session to ensure everyone is on top of the movements, then onto the workout. We finish with a group stretch.


- What makes a great CrossFit member?

Someone who is patient, and not caught up with comparing themselves to others. Healthy competition is great but not at the sacrifice of technique or the risk of injury. Being Coachable is also important. Those who listen to their coaches and use the advise they receive always progress the fastest.


-What makes a great CF coach?

Enthusiasm, knowledge, patience and someone that leads by example. And to quote Tye Arnett, remembering that being a coach is a position of responsibility and service, not of privilege and power. A good coach must also be empathetic and relate with a members physical, mental, and emotional state and adjust the training accordingly. He/she can see when someone needs pushing and when they need support or encouragement.


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- What’s your favorite piece of equipment at CF Victus?

Definitely the bars and plates. I enjoy picking things up!


- Not all CrossFit boxes are created equal. In your opinion what are the most important qualities of a CrossFit box?

An awesome environment. People should be busting to get in to your affiliate to train, either when they first wake up or after a big day at work. You want your affiliate to be a place your members can come and be coached by great staff, in a great facility, surrounded by friendly/motivating people.


From a Business perspective its all about professionalism. From your social media presence, the cleanliness of your affiliate, the way you and your staff conduct themselves and attention you give to your members. Many small things will set you apart from the others.


- What is CF Victus’ special sauce?

I truly believe the community environment we have developed since our inception has made us unique. Our members are the reason CFV is such a special place. I just laid the foundation, and my staff and I steer the ship. Building a successful affiliate isn’t rocket science; I Just think about a place i’d love to be a member of, then i tried to replicate that place on a daily basis.


- What would you say to motivate someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle?

Don’t be afraid of failure. Fear of not succeeding is the biggest reason people wont start in the first place. Its a cliche but its only failure if you give up. Their will be ups and downs but thats ok. Be honest and take a good look at yourself. Find out what you truly want, whether its worth making changes to get it, and do what needs to be done.


- What are the steps to get started at CF Victus?

We run a ‘Free intro to CrossFit’ session each week. A forty five minute session in which we have a chat about what CrossFit is and how and why it works, teach a few simple movements then give the participants the opportunity to experience a short WOD. From there, if they wish to continue, its on to our elements program, then into the daily classes.



- For those who want to check you out, how can they find you?

At our website –, our FaceBook page – or by following us on Instagram – @crossfitvictus.


Thanks to Mark Edis (Coach/Owner) from CF Victus for giving TWL a rundown on his great facility and community out there in Wagga Wagga!



Video Creds: CrossFit Victus