Are Mat Fraser and Rich Froning Going to be Neighbors?

Could two of CrossFit’s greatest champions soon be living in the same town? It just may be. You may have noticed that recently on Instagram, Mat Fraser posted a photo skeet shooting in Tennessee. Apparently, the scenery and hospitality are rubbing off on him. On a recent CrossFit podcast, Sevan Matossian asked Mat if he was planning to move to Cookeville, Tennessee, where Rich Froning resides. Fraser laughed at his bluntness and said it was a distinct possibility, explaining that the tax situation there is one thing he finds so appealing. (Tennessee is one of six states that doesn’t have state income taxes.) So, although Fraser mentioned he still plans to keep a residence in Vermont, it looks like he and Froning might be neighbors in the near future.

Don’t expect any sort of heated rivalry or jealousy between the two, though. Fraser had already mentioned the possibility of heading to Froning’s town to him, to which Froning responded, “Come on down.” They may both have spent time at the top of the podium, but these two men are still grounded as ever.

You can watch the podcast below.

Watch out, Tennessee! Fraser’s about to up the competition in a neighborhood near you.



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