When You Need A Little Push

Motivation in CrossFit


I love CrossFit, but some days, I don’t have the motivation to get to the gym. Whether it’s gloomy outside, a late night, or a long day at work, sometimes I need a little extra push to get me going.


During those times, here are a few things I remind myself:


  • I will feel better—more energized, leaner, etc.—after I get a workout in
  • My body won’t sculpt itself if I don’t exert any energy into it
  • I’ll be one more workout closer to my goals
  • Getting a workout in (and beating my excuses) will add one more notch to my mental toughness belt
  • Seriously, when was the last time I regretted going to the gym (spoiler alert: the answer is always never)

And, if my pep talks to myself don’t work, here are a few videos that always get me pumped:


CrossFit – Letting Beauty Speak:



Beast Nation – CrossFit Motivation – You Will Win:



I hope this helps give you the motivation you need to get going and earn yourself a little sweat equity!