Australian Hero WOD Honours Athlete’s Husband

Hero WODs are a chance to shine a light on the men and women who have given everything for their country. Today, that WOD is Turns, in honour of Ian “Turns” Turner.

New Australian Hero WOD – Turns from r/crossfit

Here are some fellow athletes in action.

On, his wife, Jo, shares a bit more about Ian — namely his drive, determination, and compassion. He juggled a demanding career, his education, and family, all while defending the country he loved so much. The article says, “The movements in Ian’s WOD were chosen by his children, one of their favourite memories with their Dad was going to his work gym and trying to follow him through his gruelling workouts. The 15+21 reps each round equal 36 for the 36 glorious years he lived.”

You can read more about Ian’s moving story here.

Love and respect, always. Ian, you will never be forgotten.

Main image: Australian Hero Games

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