The Most Versatile Equipment for Your Garage Gym

Having a garage gym is pretty much every athlete’s dream. Being able to work out whenever you want in the comfort of your own home? Yes, please! But as we all know, creating your own garage gym can be rather expensive. If turning your garage into the best box in town is a dream of yours, there are ways to slowly build up your amount of equipment so you don’t break the bank.

Starting with a few nifty pieces of equipment will put you in a good spot as well as keep your fitness constantly varied. Check out our recommendations on the most versatile equipment you should own for your garage gym.

6 Personal Garage Gym Must-Haves

1. Kettlebells

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Kettlebells are possibly the most versatile and functional piece of equipment you can own. From traditional kettlebell swings to challenging Turkish get-ups, the list of movements you can do with a kettlebell is endless. You can easily get a full-body workout with just one of these magical weights. Check out these Armotech Competition Kettlebells that come in a variety of fun colors and with a smooth, comfortable handle.

2. Jump Rope

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It’s never a bad idea to work on your double-unders (because, who knows, we may even start seeing triple-unders soon). Ropes are inexpensive and easy to store but a good way to get a monostructural piece into your WOD.

3. Wall Balls

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Wall balls are another piece of equipment that does not take up much space. Wall balls, weighted sit-ups, and med ball cleans are just some of the movements that can be incorporated into your WOD if your garage gym is equipped with an Armortech Wall Ball.

4. Dumbbells

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Almost any movement you can do with a barbell, you can do with a dumbbell. Chances are it’s probably more challenging with a dumbbell! Plus, with all the dumbbell movements we’ve been seeing in competition lately, stocking up on some Armotech Hex Dumbbells for your garage gym is a no-brainer.

5. Resistance Bands

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These are great for warming up as well as for accessory work. Try X-band walks to fire up your glutes or band pull-aparts to grow those lats. You can also use these bands as a mobility tool.

6. Weight Vest

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Take any bodyweight movement (air squats, push-ups, burpees, running, etc.) and make it much more challenging with a weight vest.

Stock your garage gym with these pieces of equipment, and be guaranteed to get a good workout daily and see major gains come your way.

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