7 Things You Should Never Say to Women Who Lift

For women who lift, their training routine is more than a mere hobby. It’s a way of life. It’s something that should give you an immense sense of pride. You work hard, you train hard, and it shows in all the right ways. So, it can be a little annoying when other people don’t share in the same positive enthusiasm you do. People, if you know a woman who lifts, never, ever say any of these things to her.

1. “You look like a dude!”

Don’t confuse strength with masculinity. When a woman lifts and looks strong, many people tell her she looks masculine or, to put it in ruder terms, “like a dude.” Voicing an opinion like this one just makes people look ignorant and narrowminded. Women can be built and muscular. It doesn’t make them less feminine, just powerful and healthy.

2. “You look pretty strong… for a girl.”

Why do people feel the need to qualify this compliment? Adding “for a girl” at the end is nothing more than an insult. The person saying this wants you to know one thing and one thing alone — they think you are not good enough to be seen as a person. Oh no, your gender defines you.

Of course, we all know that’s utter nonsense. If you’re strong, you’re strong. Period. Some people just can’t handle that fact. You’re not trying to compare yourself to a man who lifts, so no one else has the right to either.

3. “All you talk about is lifting.”

This line often comes from your friends and family members who just don’t understand what lifting means to you. It’s your passion. It’s how you spend your free time. That means you may want to talk about it now and then.

The people who say this are usually the same ones who gush endlessly about their relationships, careers, or even favorite TV series and think nothing of it. They expect you to listen patiently and care about what they have to say, which you do. But when you dare to start talking about your workouts, their eyes glaze over. Not cool.

4. “Your hands look rough!”

There’s no doubt working out and lifting hard will take a toll on your hands. It’s natural. Lifting changes your body in a whole variety of ways. It’s sad some people focus on your hands looking “rough,” rather than the fact that you look healthier and stronger than ever before. It just goes to show where their priorities lie.

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5. “I’d lift but I don’t want to get huge.”

We’ve all heard this one from our girlfriends, right? Your friends who don’t lift (or even work out!) will often use this as an excuse for why they never would. For some reason, they see the fact that you lift as an affront to their lifestyle. So, without you saying anything to provoke them, they will utter these offensive words.

The myth that all weightlifters are “huge” is just that – a myth. You know that but it’s hard to convince other people of the fact. All you can do is smile and politely tell your friends that lifting doesn’t always make people massive.

6. “Can I feel your muscles?”

Okay, sure, some people might take this as a compliment, because you indeed work so hard for your body. But just because you have muscles does not mean your body is public property. No one has the right to touch you unless you say so. And you don’t have to say so. It’s that simple. When someone asks you this weirdly intrusive question, you have every right to say no.

7. “I would never date a woman who lifts.”

This is a classic line some men will whip out when they want to undermine a woman who lifts. They expect your whole self-confidence to be based on whether or not they’d take you for dinner or drinks.

The truth of the matter is there are a lot of guys out there who just can’t handle the thought of being with a woman who is stronger than them. The idea you’ve got real muscles somehow threatens their masculinity. That’s their problem – not yours.

You know the score. No matter what silly, thoughtless, or downright rude things people say to you, it doesn’t change a thing. You’re going to keep doing your thing: training and lifting. That’s just what you do and whatever people have to say, you’re going to keep on doing it harder than ever before. Now, lift!

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