7 Things Only Your Gym Squad Understands

In life, you have different groups of friends. You have your work friends, who possess a shared dislike of your boss. You have your neighborhood friends, whom you get together with once a month for BBQs and gossip about how cute the ice cream man is. And then you have your gym friends, who you suffer through WOD after WOD with. Nobody gets you like they do, and they hold a special place in your heart. They’re kindred spirits, and there are certain things only your gym squad understands. To all the sweat sesh buddies out there, this one is for you.

7 Things Only Your Gym Squad Understands

1. The Frustration of Going to the Gym Straight From Work and Forgetting the Right Clothes


Gentlemen, you certainly can’t do burpees and thrusters in your dress slacks; and ladies, how annoyed are you when you get to the gym and realize you forgot your sports bra? Your gym squad gets it, and they share in your pain. If you’re lucky, one of them will have spare clothes for you. Otherwise, they just watch you do overhead squats in pantyhose and have a good giggle.

2. Just *Barely* Missing That Huge PR

You. Were. So. Close. Failing that big snatch you’ve been working on for weeks is ~beyond~ irritating, and you insist on complaining about it through the rest of the class. Your gym pals totes know the feeling, so they always lend an ear.

3. FINALLY Getting That Huge PR


Grab the champagne. Grab the party hats. Someone call the local news. You just PR’d your clean by a whole kilo and everybody needs to know about it. Nobody’s happier for you than your gym crew, and they have no issue letting you talk about your big lift for the next several days.

4. Not Having the Right Gear for Your WOD

How can you possibly tackle those heavy deadlifts without your trusty belt? How are you expected to get through a jillion front squats without your favorite RockTape knee sleeves? Have no fear — your gym squad is here. Your favorite friends will never hesitate to loan you their gear so you can safely get through a grueling WOD.

5. Leaving the Biggest Sweat Angel in the Room


Some of us wear this as a badge of pride; others look at the sweat puddle they’ve left on the floor and wonder, “Is my butt really that big?” Good gym buddies will assure you there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Great gym buddies will compare theirs to yours to see who left the bigger sweat stain. This is the stuff friendships are made of.

6. Feeling Annoyed When the Programming Stinks

You love your coach, but you can’t help the disappointment you feel when they have you run sprints for the third day in a row. This is why you have a gym squad — so there’s someone to roll your eyes at as Coach is going over the WOD.

7. How Much You *Love* Your CrossFit Community


You only get this if you’re a part of it: nothing compares to the sense of community and belonging you get with CrossFit. You sweat with these people. You laugh. You cry. You push yourself to your limits and beyond. No bond is strong like that between you and your gym crew.

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