Top 6 Supplements for CrossFit

Top 6 Supplements for CrossFit

Top 6 Supplements for CrossFit


A common question we get asked at The WOD Life is, “What supplements should I be taking for CrossFit”. With so many supplements out there, it is often hard to work your way through all of the scientific explanations and globo gym sales talk to determine if a particular supplement is suitable for you and your goals.


We must emphasis, that the first step to dialing in your supplementation is ensuring your nutrition is on point. Real food provides the best source of vitamins, minerals and energy to succeed as a CrossFit athlete. It’s important that you get comfortable with your diet, .


Once you have your nutrition under control, there are a few supplements that can assist your performance as a CrossFit Athlete; building strength, recovering quickly and improving your overall wellbeing. Here are our top 5 supplements for CrossFit.


1. Omega 3 Fish Oil


Omega 3 Fats are one of the most popular supplements for CrossFit Athletes, often in the form of a Fish Oil supplement. The benefits of Omega 3′s are many. Including brain health, powerful anti inflammatory properties, exercise recovery, muscle protein synthesis and potential positive effects on fat loss.


Tips: Be careful about the Fish Oil you are supplementing with as not all fish oil’s are the same. Ensure that you choose a supplement that uses purification systems to remove heavy metals and toxins.


Recommendation: Pure Pharma 03


2. Whey Protein


When any athlete thinks of supplements, Whey Protein is often the first that comes to mind. A staple in every CrossFit athletes gym back should be a high quality whey protein. Designed to digest quickly and aid muscle recovery, whey protein taken within 10 minutes of training reduces the amount of stress hormones and cortisol that is released. Approximately 20-30g of protein helps repair your tissue and reduce muscle soreness post workout.


Tip: Match your Whey Protein to your requirements. For Post Workout look for a mix of carbohydrates and whey protein to help you refuel your energy and restore your muscles. Remember, only 20-30g of Protein at a time!


Recommendation: Progenex Recovery


3. Magnesium


Magnesium is a key supplement for the CrossFit Athlete, often overlooked. It is the one mineral which the athlete is likely deficient in which could assist with supplementation. Magnesium is key as it helps regulate your heart, manages the contraction and relaxation of your muscles, reduces blood pressure and plays an important role in the production of ATP; the main source of energy.


Tip: Avoid cheap forms of magnesium that are not as well absorbed by your body. Ideally take magnesium post workout on an empty stomach or before bed to aid your recovery process.


Recommendation: Pure Pharma M3


4. Vitamin D


With our lifestyles, working in offices or indoors we do not receive sufficient sunlight to produce the required levels of Vitamin D. Overall, Vitamin D is a key component to reduce inflammation, improve your mood and respiratory health. We all know that as CrossFit athletes we could definitely benefit from those to improve our lift and WOD times. Vitamin D also helps us sleep better, as it allows the brain to release melatonin letting us know it’s time to sleep after a big day.


Tip: Take Vitamin D at night, approximately an hour before bedtime.


Recommendation: Pure Pharma D3


5. Creatine


Creatine is one of the most scientifically proven supplements available. Naturally produced in your body, creatine is often found in meat such as beef. Research studies  have shown that additional supplementation with several grams of creatine supports strength, power and explosiveness in athletes and helps to develop lean body mass. If you are strength training, or looking to build muscle creatine taken immediately before and/or after training with an energy source such as carbohydrates is proven to improve your maximal strength, muscular endurance and increase your anaerobic power.


amino acids arginine, glycine, and methionine


Tip: Look for a Creatine that doesn’t require a loading phase. Aim to also cycle on and off creatine, as required.


Recommendation: Xendurance’s JB Creatine


6. Beta Alanine


Beta Alanine is an amino acid that supercharges your muscle tissue, applying more energy to your workout. Another important role of Beta Alanine for the CrossFit athlete is that is assists to delay the rise of lactic acid in your muscles. Delaying that soreness mid workout allowing you to push harder for longer.


Tip: Beta Alanine is to be taken pre workout only. Test with low doses first below the recommend dosage for personal tolerance levels.


Recommendation: NutriForce Sports Beta Alanine



So there it is! A quick guide to the top 6 supplements for your CrossFit training and competitions. Just remember, that these are just supplements. It’s important that you dial in your nutrition and diet first. Once you are comfortable with your nutrition you can get the most out of your performance with these complimentary supplements!


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Got any questions? Be sure to let us know, we are always happy to help!