TWL’s Interview With Kristin Holte

We recently watched her go up against Samantha Briggs for the 18.1 live announcement. She’s made four appearances at the Games and was 2017’s seventh fittest woman on earth. Kristin Holte, a former gymnast and endurance athlete who’s also a nutritionist, has won over the hearts of many with her quiet but fierce ambition. Since she hit the CrossFit scene in 2012, she has wowed the crowds with her athletic prowess, and we were thrilled to get to talk with her via email about her journey and life in general.

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The WOD Life: What’s your greatest memory of your career thus far?

Kristin Holte: Qualifying and competing at the Crossfit Games for the first time in 2014.

TWL: What was your biggest lesson?

KH: That every setback leads to me getting stronger, either mentally or physically.

TWL: What’s your current #1 goal?

KH: To be the best CrossFit athlete that I can be, and I do believe that when I have reached my full potential, I am good enough to fight for the title «Fittest on Earth».

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TWL: If you could go back in time, would you do anything differently?

KH: I wish I had been better at listening to my body and made sure I got the rest I needed to recover properly.

I would have trusted myself and my abilities more so I could remove all the negative self-talk.

TWL: How do you find balance in life?

KH: When I am not training, I try to zone out of my «CrossFit life»: I hang out with my friends and family, spend time doing social things outside the gym and watch Friends.

TWL: What’s the best piece of advice you have for your fans on finding success?

KH: Focus on YOU and what YOU can control and believe in yourself!

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