Why You Should Be Filming Your Lifts


CrossFit gyms are notoriously different from traditional “Globo Gyms” in that there are generally no mirrors in sight. While this fact makes it way harder to capture the perfect gym selfie, it does keep the focus on the movement and not on how an athlete looks while performing it. And let’s be honest, it’s probably for the best (OLY faces anyone?).


Female Clean


But, sometimes seeing yourself performing a movement is completely necessary in order to progress in training. This is where coaches come in. It is the primary job of a CrossFit coach to correct any improper movements. However, while they provide feedback, it is up to the athlete to execute the assessment.

For most visual learning athletes, it’s easier to watch themselves perform a lift in order for coaching cues to really land. Even if the athlete isn’t a visual learner, there are still benefits from seeing themselves move. Luckily for everyone, technology is easily accessible with almost everyone having a smartphone in their pocket.


Just like recording weight and time, there is an advantage to including video in a fitness journal. This provides an opportunity to analyze movement patterns to be sure they are being performed as correctly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes fitness plateaus can be the result of inefficient movement and can also prevent an athlete from meeting and exceeding a previous PR. Like a football player or team preps for games by watching previous game films, CrossFit athletes have the same opportunity by recording their movements.


Weightlifting Set Up

And while recording a simple video can offer a lot of support, there are also many apps out there to further aid in development. A few to note are Iron Path (for iOS – BarSense has similar functions for Android users) and Coach’s Eye. Iron Path is a free app that allows an athlete to import or record a video and it will track the bar path for analysis.


Coach’s Eye is not weightlifting specific but allows users to also upload or record in the app and gives the option to slow down and zoom in to correct movement. This application is much more robust in function, but is still affordably priced at $4.99. Get it for iOS or Android.


Alternatively, if you have your own iPhone or Andriod device the Perchmount Fit is the perfect, cost effective tool to get you started. The Perchmount Fit is a simple, incentive and virtually universal smart phone mount to record your workout. Clamping to metal lifting racks, base or a kick stand above a table or box the Perchmount is a hands free smart phone option for video capture. Record your lifts and workouts to improve technique.




The bottom line is if you aren’t recording your movements, specifically your dynamics lifts, you should be. In CrossFit and weightlifting as a whole, taking video has much more purpose than vanity. It might seem unnatural at first, but I promise you’ll thank us for it later.