Working on Getting Muscle-Ups? Try This First

Ask any functional fitness athlete what their number one goal is, and odds are they’ll say it’s to get a muscle-up. The sport is famous for this movement, which is notoriously challenging to achieve. It’s crucial to build the strength and technique you need to execute the full movement before attempting to do so. One way to do that is with jumping muscle-ups from a box. Stacie Tovar posted on Instagram showing one of her athletes accomplishing the scaled movement.

If you’ve seen this scaled version before, it’s because it’s also a common way to scale pull-ups. It allows you to work on technique and speed even if you don’t have the strength or explosiveness needed for kipping yet — an excellent alternative, considering how technique-heavy muscle-ups are.

Well done, Molly!

Main image: Stacie Tovar/Instagram

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