Still considering signing up for the CrossFit Open this year? Alison Wood is signing up for her first CrossFit Open this year and shares with us her 10 Reasons to Enter the CrossFit Open!

It is one of the biggest “community building” events in CrossFit, it’s a chance to meet new people, push yourself to the limits, its a stepping stone to regionals and a chance to see a the best version of yourself competing up against the rest of the world’s CrossFit athletes.

Here’s just a few reason’s why you should pay $20 and give the CrossFit Open a go:

1. You learn something about yourself

Your strengths, weaknesses are put to the test. You really are capable of more than you think. And when you sign up for the CrossFit Open, you’re bound to find out just exactly how much more you can accomplish before the clock runs out.

2. It gets you competing (again)

Gone are the days of Cross Country runs at schools, Swimming Carnivals and Athletics Day. When we become adults, we often don’t feel the desire to compete (other than social sports such as Football, Tennis or Netball for example). We tend to forget about thrill of physical competition, but there really is something about putting yourself out there and crossing that line that sparks motivation.

As I sit and register for the CrossFit Open myself for the first time, I get a little petrified, what if I fail? But really, I know that’s silly to think that, we’re taught as kids that it’s ok to feel nervous before a competition, and it’s ok to fail. All you have to do is try your best. As adults, we believe that we’re not allowed to fail, especially at things that are meant to be fun; so we avoid the risk of taking those chances. So put yourself out there, take a risk!

3. Expand your friendship circle 

Last time I checked I’ve made heaps of new friends by starting CrossFit, and recently after going to different session times I’ve met even more!

We all know that working out in a group is a lot more fun that by yourself, and research shows that we tend to mimic the qualities of the 5 people we spend the most time with. So… if you signup for the Crossfit Open, you’ll find out who else really is committed to getting stronger and fitter!

And we all know we want to surround ourselves with other crazy people who think it’s fun to do 7 minutes of burpees…

4. It’s a chance to compete with the best of the best

You know your 1RM deadlift, and your FRAN time. But how do you stack up with some of Australia (and the word for that matter) best CrossFit athletes? The CrossFit Open is an awesome opportunity to see where you stack up. Just think about it, here is no other sport where beginners, novice and elite athletes get to compete against each other doing the same workouts, in the same time limit, using the same weights.

5. You will probably surprise yourself with what you are capable of

You may think you’re not good enough. Well that’s not being true to yourself is it? CrossFit Open WODs are specifically designed so that the majority of CrossFitters should be able to handle them. If the weights in the workouts are close to (or the equivalent of) your best lifts, don’t just assume you can’t. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and challenge yourself.

We all know that in most WODs we push ourselves beyond our comfort zones, well add another level of motivation to that and you have yourself a CrossFit Open WOD!

That being said, as a competitor, it is your responsibility to know if/when the weights are near your maxes and make sure you speak to your coach/judge ahead of time. If you are a coach, it is part of your job to know this about your athletes and make sure they are being judged/overseen by someone who can talk them through each rep and ensure they rest between attempts to help reduce risk of injury.

6. You get your own ‘Athlete’ page

What is cooler than having your own professional “athlete” page to pop in your max lifts, WOD times and stats?

7. A true benchmark of your progress

If this is your first time entering The CrossFit Open, then you’re going see that each of the 5 workouts released will be rigidly scored by one of the coaches at your affiliate. This will be a clean, effective and true evaluation of where you are at right now with your fitness and the quality of your movements.

8. Accountability

The whole philosophy behind CrossFit, and the way a box is set up is to promote accountability. You workout with your mates each day, the coaches get to know you, and the way each session is run; it’s all about being accountable to yourself.

Taking CrossFit one step further and signing up for the Open is another step towards accountability. It means you make a mental and physical pact to take on a new challenge. You are committing yourself to your fitness, and taking this step can only bring positive changes!

9. The difference between Training & Working out

There are people that go to a gym, day in-day out and go to classes, run on the treadmill or head to the free weights area and lift dumbbells. There are some that go for a run for fun; there are others who might be training for a marathon. There is a distinct difference between training for something and workout out.

When training for something you may have to plan your meals, skip out on social events to train and step up your training. The point it comes to is you’ve set yourself a goal – so go for it!

10. It’s just FUN

Really, this is what it comes down to. The whole experience is just FUN, The Open, Regionals, and the CrossFit Gamers themselves. When it comes down to it, give it your best and have a blast!

In the end, The Open is something every CrossFitter should experience it, at least once! Join me this year as I blog about a newbie’s experience’s competing in The Open for the first time.


Alison Wood, 27 is a novice CrossFitter who goes to Crossfit Darwin, marketing professional and crafter currently residing in Darwin, NT.  Follow her own blog North of Here for lifestyle and fitness posts or join her on Facebook.  

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