The Reebok Nano changed the way we do fitness. In the years since its inception, Reebok has consistently found ways to one-up itself, with every iteration being better than the last.

To celebrate the release of the Nano X, let’s look back at the versions that came before it.

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What was your first nano? . To talk about the Nano is to talk about a crucial part of the history of the sport of fitness, about the best athletes in the world and about the most demanding tests on the planet. . In 2011 the original Reebok Nano 1 was born as the first shoe specifically designed for CrossFit, prepared to serve the fittest athletes on earth. A decade later, functional fitness is a revolution that gets millions of people around the fitter than ever and the Nano a shoe that has never stopped innovating and improving every detail. . The launch of the Reebok Nano X is the celebration of a decade of innovation. A shoe made for the best and for those who train every day to be better. . Get your pair of Reebok Nano X from Tuesday 5th at 8am at www.fittestfreakest.com . ——————— . ¿Cuál fue tu primera Nano? . Hablar de la Nano es hablar de la historia del deporte del fitness, de los mejores atletas del mundo y de las pruebas mas exigentes del planeta. . La Reebok Nano original fue la primera zapatilla específicamente diseñada para CrossFit, preparada para servir a los atletas más en forma de planeta y ayudarles a superar cualquier reto. Una década después, el fitness funcional es una revolución que pone en forma a millones de personas de todo el mundo y la Nano una zapatilla que no ha dejado de innovar y mejorar cada detalle. . Una zapatilla hecha para los mejores y para todos los que luchan cada día para mejorar. . La Nano X sale a la venta el próximo Martes 5 de a las 8 de la mañana en www.fittestfreakest.com . ——————— . Qual è stata la tua prima Nano? . Parlare della Nano è parlare della storia dello sport del fitness, dei migliori atleti del mondo e delle prove più impegnative del pianeta. . L'originale Reebok Nano è stata la prima scarpa appositamente progettata per il CrossFit, preparata per servire gli atleti più in forma del pianeta e aiutarli a superare qualsiasi sfida. Un decennio dopo, il fitness funzionale ha rivoluzionato tutto e tiene in forma milioni di persone in tutto il mondo, mentre la Nano è una scarpa che ha continuato a innovare e migliorare ogni dettaglio. . La Nano X sarà in vendita martedì prossimo 5 su www.fittestfreakest.com

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10 Years of the Reebok Nano


The Nano 1 was the first shoe specifically made for CrossFit. Reebok successfully introduced a “Jack of all trades” style of shoe that could take you from the barbell to your metcon. One of its trademark features was the grips that would offer extra support and durability for rope climbs.

Reebok became the licensed provider of apparel for CrossFit.


The Nano 2 came with a bigger toe box, giving better stability and allowing the athlete’s foot to better splay inside the shoe.


Reebok outdid itself with the third upgrade in three years. The Nano 3 came with further support for rope climbs in the form of a protective layer in the midsole. The heel was better stabilized and there was more cushioning toward the front.

This was the year that Reebok introduced DuraCage, which meant more support and protection while keeping the shoe light.


The biggest changes here were a noticeably more rigid sole (to give more grip) and even more stability, further proving that the Nano could stand up to heavy clean and jerks and burpees, toes-to-bar, and double-unders. Reebok also threw in a better toe wrap to keep the shoe strong and durable.


The Reebok Nano 5 was a serious game-changer. DuPont got in on the action and offered Reebok Kevlar, a heat-resistant and incredibly strong synthetic fiber. Reebok worked this into the mesh that made up the upper portion of the shoe. The result was better airflow and improved durability.

Every single year, the Nano became better able to stand up to even the most dramatic wear and tear.


Many consider the Nano 6 a fan favorite. The cut around the ankle was lower, which allowed for a little extra freedom in movement. Rope climbs got even more love with improved grip in the form of teeth in the mid-foot. Lastly, Reebok added a special pattern on the sole to provide more traction.


It didn’t seem that at this point, Reebok could make a better shoe, but of course, they did. The Nano 7 was designed with a 360-degree heel wrap. It helped to feel like you were even more secure and strapped in.

They also incorporated a drop heel-to-toe of 4mm. It seemed small but the difference was noticeable — the balance improved and activities like running became more comfortable and efficient.


Reebok replaced the Flexweave Technology with the NanoWeave, making for a shoe that was simultaneously stronger and more flexible. The heel was more comfortable and the design helped athletes to better stay light and mobile on their feet while maintaining the traction that the Nano was always so good at.


Athletes perhaps weren’t expecting much of a difference between the Nano 8 and Nano 9, but Reebok proved us wrong. They kept everything we loved about the 8 and then amplified the comfort for performance. They improved the midsole wrap for protection, added more cushioning (particularly around the collar), and strengthened the platform (perfect for lifting heavy).

Additionally, they split the sole in half to give more bend to the shoe.

Essentially, it’s a shoe you can wear all day and your feet will never hurt.

Check out the video below for even more detail.

Okay, this had to be it. There’s absolutely no way Reebok could make it any better.

… Except, they did.


Meet the Nano X (Nano 10).

The design is made with a soft woven textile upper with targeted areas of support and stretch. Lightweight cushioning keeps you fast on your feet, with a high-density foam collar and compression moulded midsole for extra support. You’ll also see Reebok’s trademark Flexweave woven textile upper, making the shoe stretchy but resilient.

Over the years, Reebok has listened to what athletes are saying – their likes, dislikes, goals, pain points. They’ve used this information to design the ultimate functional fitness shoe, something unlike any other.

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