Do banded exercises really work? You bet they do. From banded stretches for healthier hips to ab resistance band workouts, they have endless applications. But why exactly should you be working out with them? What are some of the resistance band training benefits? Let’s jump in!

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5 Resistance Band Training Benefits

Here are just a handful of reasons to use resistance bands for working out.

1. Resistance Bands are Low-Impact

Training with a barbell offers all sorts of benefits. It can also lead to a lot of wear and tear. Loading a heavy barbell and supporting it on your spine can do a real number on you.

While resistance bands might not be the same thing as squatting 100kg, they are going to be less stressful on your body. It’s going to be very hard to strain or injure yourself while training with resistance bands.

2. They Recruit Harder-to-Target Muscles

Have you ever noticed how when your resistance band is on tension, you feel wobbly and shaky? That’s one of the benefits of resistance bands! They’re going to force you to use tinier muscles that you might not otherwise have in order to keep the band (and your body) in the proper place. In fact, some research suggests that resistance bands might trigger more muscle activation than free weights in certain exercises.

This muscle activation is one of the biggest resistance band training benefits. We love doing glute activation exercises using a resistance band.

resistance band training benefits

This helps bring us to our next point…

3. Bands are Excellent for Improving Stability

You need to work extra hard to maintain your form, which will ultimately improve your stability. Imagine performing a good morning with a band. It takes a lot more to keep your body in the proper alignment. When you later swap the resistance band for a barbell, you’re going to have an easier time performing the movement and it’s going to show you how to improve your technique and form.

4. Use Them for Stretching and Mobility

Resistance bands are perfect for warm-ups, cool-downs, active recovery, and healing from injury. Because they’re so low-impact, they’re helpful in preparing your body for training, calming your system down after a sweat sesh, and they’re safe to use even during recovery. Research has even found that bands could be a safe exercise option for older people with low blood pressure who are prone to dizziness and falling when sitting or standing.

Importantly, bands can improve your range of motion unlike any other piece of equipment. They can gently push you just a little bit further — try them for hip and shoulder mobility.

5. Resistance Bands are Compact

Another one of the benefits of resistance band training is that you can pack them up and take them just about anywhere with you — on vacation, to work, you name it. They’re a practical choice for getting your body moving and challenging your muscles — especially if you sit a lot, and your mobility suffers as a result.

Now that you know about some of the resistance band training benefits, what are you waiting for? Grab a band and get to work!