EMOM. Every minute on the Minute. It’s usually followed by a number, which denotes the number of minutes to complete the workout. An EMOM can include one or multiple exercises and any range of rep schemes. For example, an EMOM10 5 Burpee 1 Snatch would mean that at the 0:00 mark, you would complete 5 burpees, 1 snatch, and then rest until 01:00. At the 01:00 you repeat the same movement and rep scheme, and repeat until 10 minutes. EMOM workouts are a great way to program for different training outcomes. Whether you’re working on barbell cycling, lifting under fatigue, challenging your aerobic capacity, or rehearsing gymnastic patterns, an EMOM can be programmed to assist.

Here are 7 EMOM workouts to try next time you’re at the box.

7 EMOM Workouts to Add Into Your Programming


  • 3 deadlift
  • 2 squat clean
  • 1 jerk

Adapted from Ben Smith, who completed 30 rounds at 100kg, this WOD includes 3 deadlifts, 2 squat cleans, and 1 jerk every minute for 15 minutes. It’s a fantastic workout to develop good movement patterns under fatigue and directly translates to popular CF workout “DT.” Scale weight accordingly to complete every round unbroken.


  • 5 pull-up
  • 5 push-up
  • 5 air squat

Want to get a better Murph time? Maintain this rep scheme for a full 30 minutes (with a weight vest, if desired) and watch your time drop next US Memorial Day.


  • 10 burpees

Want to know what 100 burpees feels like? Looking to improve that base level aerobic capacity? Try this raw and effective burpee EMOM once a week and watch how fit you get! Simple but effective, making it one of our favorite EMOM workouts.


  • Minute 1 – 60 double-unders
  • Minute 2 – 6 strict + 6 kipping handstand push-ups

Everyone can improve their gymnastics skills, particularly holding strong positions under fatigue. Get your skill work in whilst keeping to the clock.


  • Minute 1 – 6 back squat
  • Minute 2 – 3 front squat @ same weight

Scale weight for completion and feel the quad pump!


  • Minute 1 – 15 wall balls
  • Minute 2 – 15-cal row
  • Minute 3 – 15 box jump-over
  • Minute 4 – Rest

Nothing beats classic CF, and this EMOM will push your mental game to hold a strong, unbroken pace on each movement.

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  • 12-cal Ski Erg

Anaerobic conditioning is some of the most mentally challenging fitness work you can complete. Working to a clock or a number helps teach your brain to fight through that red line. Push the pace and work at your near max, using the remaining time to recover. It’ll be over before you know it. Scale the calories to allow for around a 40-second recovery time.

Which one of these EMOM workouts will you try first? Let us know in the comments section below!