Ready to really shake things up? This EMOM from Tia-Clair Toomey is going to test everything you’ve got. It’s called Macho Man, and if you’re not yet familiar, it’s brutal.

EMOM until failure

  • 3 power cleans
  • 3 front squats
  • 3 jerks

(135/185lb, Rx’d)

How many rounds can you get?

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What Weight Should You Go With?

Many of us will need to scale this. In this case, scaling means lightening the load. In the beginning, before you get winded and fatigued, you want to be able to knock these reps out without dropping the bar or needing to pause much. Consider what weight will be most manageable under those conditions.

Later on in the workout, it goes without saying you won’t be moving as fast, but that’s to be expected.

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Quick Tips for Each Movement

Power Cleans

Keep the bar close. The further away it gets, the heavier it’s going to feel.

The higher you can catch the bar, the better. This means your legs don’t have to work as hard. You’ll probably start catching it lower as you get tired but always think of whipping your elbows around as fast as possible so that you can catch the bar high.

Front Squats

Fight to keep your torso upright. If you start to pitch forward, it’s going to make the weight feel heavier.

Think of getting out of the bottom of your squat as fast as possible. The longer you hang out there, the more you’ll tax your body.


If you absolutely have to rest between reps (avoid this if you can), rest for a moment at the top of the lift — not with the bar on your shoulders. This requires you to do more work and also compresses your upper body, making it harder to breathe.

Keep your core strong and really drive with your legs. This is where most of the power should come from — not from your arms!

Ready to set the clock? Don’t forget some good music to sweat to. Check out TWL’s Spotify playlists for all the best WOD tunes.

Main image: Tia-Clair Toomey/Instagram