It seems like just yesterday when Iceland Annie Thorisdottir gave birth to her beautiful baby. But the longtime CrossFit athlete isn’t sitting out for long. She recently posted on Instagram that once 2021 hits, she’s back to training for her active season.

While her time on the Athlete Advisory Counsel was short-lived, it was a safe assumption that Annie wasn’t planning to hang up her competition shoes. One might’ve suspected her to slow down after becoming a mom, but if there’s one thing we learned from Kara Saunders, it’s that these women can do anything they set their minds to.

Women like Saunders and Thorisdottir have served as a huge inspiration, staying healthy and fit almost right up until their babies arrived. (Friendly reminder, though: You do what you feel most comfortable with! Every mom-to-be is different.)

Even as a first-time mom, Saunders has often shared her time in the gym with her little one. You can never start ’em too young! That’s going to be one strong gal.

We’re excited to see Iceland Annie make her return to the sport in 2021.

Main image: Annie Thorisdottir/Instagram