The Semifinals are almost here! Over the course of four consecutive weekends in May and June, athletes will complete in this final step before the 2022 CrossFit Games to secure their spot on the competition floor. Both teams and individuals will compete in their own regions, while age groups and the adaptive divisions will participate in an online Semifinal competition. While we have no doubt that all of the athletes competing will put on one heck of a performance, there are a few in particular who we’ve got our eyes on.

8 Athletes Who You Can’t Miss at the 2022 Semifinals

Mark our words: These folks are ready to show up and throw down.

1. Ellie Turner

At 24 years old, this is Turner’s fifth year competing. In 2020, she finished 6th at the Australian CrossFit Championship. In 2021, she grabbed 3rd at the Torian Pro Semifinals. And she made it to the Games last year and finished 26th. You can bet that this year, Turner is hungry for a win. As of the end of the Open, she was ranked 7th worldwide, and 3rd at the end of the Quarterfinals. There’s some serious potential here.

There’s so much to appreciate about Turner, and it’s not just her athletic prowess. We also give her major props for a relentlessly positive attitude.

2. Jack Clark

Clark first took on the Open in 2015, as part of the 15-16 boys division. He finished 30th worldwide and hasn’t stopped climbing since. He finished the 2021 Semifinals in 14th place and 20th for the Quarterfinals in Oceania. He closed off this year’s Quarterfinals in 7th place, demonstrating some serious progress. His rankings have gone up fairly steadily year after year, and we have no doubt he wants to show up to Semifinals and dominate.

3. Riley Martin

Martin’s a 2x CrossFit Games athlete, and his thirst for fitness is real. Need the proof? Look no further than his Quarterfinals performance. These lifts speak for themselves:

He’s young and hungry, with a real fire lit inside him for winning. The gains he’s made over the last few years are no joke, and something tells us he’s just getting started.

4.  Kurtis Jackson

Jackson’s Open journey started back in 2016. And the end of the 2022 Quarterfinals saw him in 13th place for Oceania. Not much can stop this guy. He once tackled the Open and the Torian Pro with a knee injury, still somehow finishing 9th overall and just barely missing out on the Finals. Jackson’s dedication to the sport is admirable. His versatility and attention to technique aren’t to be dismissed, and his grit is unwavering.

5. Elly Hutchens

Hutchens first participated in the Open in 2020 and hasn’t wasted any time. She finished 2022’s Quarterfinals in 9th place for Oceania and promises to put on an exhilarating show at Semis. Strength and speed are nothing without the right attitude, and Hutchens has got it nailed. After the Quarterfinals, she wrote on Instagram, “A weekend that in moments handed out lessons to learn and aspects to work on, but also gave me a new confidence and belief in myself that I desperately needed.” Whether you give her a heavy barbell or a speed rope and plyo box, she’s going to crush it.

6. Peter Ellis

Ellis isn’t here to mess around.  He put on an incredible performance at the 2022 Quarterfinals, landing in 18th for Oceania. And if his track record tells us anything, it’s that every year, he’s taken his fitness more and more seriously. His journey is just beginning and he’s already mastering skills and movements that athletes more experienced might still be wrestling with. We can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for the Semifinals.

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7. Chloe Gregory

Gregory has been in the competitive functional fitness landscape since 2013, giving her the wisdom and expertise that only experience can offer. Every year, her worldwide ranking for the Open has steadily gone up. And this year, she capped off the Quarterfinals with a 14th-place finish in Oceania. A little over a year ago, she had surgery on her Achilles tendon – a devastating setback for any athlete. But don’t think that stopped her. With some intelligent rehabbing, perseverance, and a positive attitude, she came back stronger than ever. Her Instagram page is our happy place. She’s a constant reminder of what matters most in this sport: finding yourself and building a wonderful community around you.

8. Ash Roozendaal

Roozendaal has had his eye on the prize since first competing in the CrossFit Open in 2015. And with an impressive 22nd-place finish at the Quarterfinals, we’re fully expecting him to show up at the Semis and bring some serious heat. As an added bonus, he’s also competed on a team, which takes the sense of responsibility and accountability to a whole new level.

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This list certainly isn’t exhaustive, and we know that there are plenty more athletes who are ready to hit Semifinals and empty the tank. Good luck to all of the competitors — you inspire us all!

Featured image: Ellie Turner/Instagram