You’ve seen athletes at your box wearing cool and flashy knee sleeves, and you’ve probably wondered to yourself, “Why don’t I get my own pair?” We need all the help we can get, and the right gear can help you lock down more reps and more kilos during your everyday training. In a nutshell, knee sleeves provide support as you go through the pressure and stress of training. Here are just three benefits of knee sleeves.

1. Support

Anyone can easily knock out a few thrusters when they’re fresh and well-rested; but as you likely know by now, some WODs can have you fatigued pretty quickly. Knee sleeves provide support in a way that reduces the trauma you experience during an intense workout.

And remember: supporting your knees isn’t only about your knees. It’s also about everything that’s connected to them, including your ankles and hips. So, in that sense, knee sleeves help keep your body healthy in a number of places.

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2. Prevention of Injury

Seeing an athlete max out their clean and jerk makes them look strong and fearless. Rest assured even these athletes have to take steps to protect their bodies. Knee sleeves help in preventing injuries from happening. How? They offer insulated heat and compression.

When heat is insulated around your joints, it keeps them warm and lubricated. When your joints are warm and lubricated, they are able to stretch and function at their optimal level. The compression from the knee sleeve helps in blood flow, which prevents swelling when you want to push harder.

Just remember, better compression plus heat equates to better performance — and reduced soreness afterward.

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3. Push Past Your Boundaries

Because of the insulated heat and compression, you can freely break through your limits without the fear of going through immense pain or injury. Since knee sleeves reduce pain and prevent injury, you’ll be able to push yourself just a little bit more, knowing you’re protecting your joints and tissues. Enjoy the ability to move freely and easily because of reduced soreness and added safety.

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As you shop for knee sleeves, remember this one important point: nothing beats a good warm-up, proper form and technique, and a solid cool-down. Don’t cut corners just because you’re wearing knee sleeves. Use sleeves to complement your fitness in the right way, and you’ll reap the benefits.

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