Are you celebrating enough?

In CrossFit, there are many opportunities to completely surprise yourself by achieving things you may have thought were unattainable. But, if you don’t celebrate it, did it really happen? Well, of course it did, but why wouldn’t you take the time to honor your achievements?

It’s fair to say that there is a line between celebration and gloating. The difference is if you’re doing it to promote your growth or in vicious competition with someone else. As humans and CrossFitters alike, personal growth is what we strive for. And for that reason, CrossFit is designed to test our mental and physical abilities everyday. There are many benefits to taking the time to revel in your feats, here are our top five.


You work hard and you should absolutely be proud to share the rewards you’ve earned. You deserve it. After all, no one lifted the weight for you or followed you around being sure you stuck to clean eating like you said you would. You put in the time so you could improve your performance and when you do – let loose and acknowledge yourself!


Success may look different to each person, but your definition of success is the most important. Whether you got your first strict pull up, or your first muscle up, if it’s important to you that’s all that matters. Bottomline, you are worth it, so don’t hold back your celebration.


CrossFit requires a lot of courage and often times can gently push you outside of your comfort zone. That’s not always easy, but will help to elevate your life both inside and outside of the four walls of your box. This, in turn, will increase the confidence that you have in yourself and who doesn’t want that?


Now that you’re totally crushing through WODs and hitting PRs, you’re setting yourself up to dream up some even bigger goals. Because you’re allowing yourself to celebrate your achievements, you are opening up the possibility to trust yourself and push yourself even further. Have fun, enjoy the ride, and allow yourself to celebrate your new goals!


Positive vibes spread fast. Be the positive example of celebrating everything you set your mind to and inspire the people around you. Soon, you will see others joining the party celebrating with you and, even better, celebrating themselves. Awesome!

So, we have to know, how will you celebrate?