CrossFit Rep Counting

The purpose of CrossFit has never been to get the fastest time or lift the heaviest weight. These things are simply measurements for an athlete to use to test their fitness — against themselves. CrossFit is intentionally difficult and there is a specific reason for this.

In his piece, The Purpose of CrossFit published in The CrossFit Journal, Greg Glassman said, “Successful people pursue hard things. Unsuccessful people avoid them.”

Think about the most successful person you know. Was their path to success easy? Probably not. They likely had to overcome many challenges to get to where they are.

Greg Glassman is onto something. Yet, the amount of athletes that consistently cheat reps is astounding. CrossFit is a platform where giving your best is how winners are chosen. So when an athlete cheats their way through a WOD, what does this say about their character?

Weaknesses Get Exposed, Even For The Elite

CrossFit isn’t easy. We all know that. Even the Brooke Ence’s and Dan Bailey’s of the world have their weaknesses; take the 2016 California Regional as an example. They were faced with workouts that may not have been best suited for them, yet they still worked through them one rep at a time. Weaknesses were exposed and that’s okay! I am willing to bet that both Ence and Bailey are using these short comings as fuel to better themselves both physically and mentally.

And, I’m sure they will be counting ever single rep along the way.

You’re Cheating Yourself…And Everyone Else

Cheating reps is disrespectful. It’s disrespectful to the coach who spent their time and expertise to program the WOD and it’s disrespectful to all of the athletes around you. And, not to mention, it’s outright disrespectful to yourself. If for no one else, you owe it to yourself to train with integrity because that’s what elite athletes do.

We All See You

It’s been my experience that most “rep shaving” athletes seem to think that they’re getting away with it. They yell out time with a huge smile across their face, patting themselves on the back for finishing first. Little do they know we are all onto their game. However, we probably never call them out because were too busy pushing through the WOD, challenging ourselves to be a better athlete. Besides, chances are a coach has called them out. Probably more than once.

Don’t Be That Person

We are all in these workouts together, that’s what makes CrossFit the most unique! Have you ever tried to complete a WOD by yourself? (If you have the option, I don’t recommend it.) The point is, as a CrossFit athlete, the people around you are there to support you no matter how fast or slow you finish, or how much weight you do or don’t lift. When it’s all said and done, the only person you are competing with is yourself.

So, what are you gaining by cheating reps?

Photo Credit: CrossFit Cascobay