If you love WODs with barbells, then you’re going to be drooling over these five clean and jerk WODs. They’ll allow you to practice technique, improve your strength and cardiovascular endurance, and have a really good time.

5 Clean and Jerk WODs You Won’t Be Able to Resist

1. Grace

Grace is probably one of the faster benchmark WODs you’ll do. This clean and jerk WOD has you perform the Olympic lift for 30 reps for time. Women lift 95lb and men lift 135lb. Set your Tiny Timer by James Newbury and get moving!

Tip: This is a sprint, but you might still need to take a few breaks, and that’s okay! When you drop the barbell, take one to three breaths and get right back on the bar. It’s a little breathing trick we picked up from Rich Froning.

woman performing clean and jerk

2. Michael Quilty

This hero WOD is going to push you to the limit. The reps start low, but don’t let that fool you. For time, perform:

  • 5 clean and jerks (185/135lb)
  • 10 clean and jerks (135/95lb)
  • 15 clean and jerks (95/65lb)

Tip: Are your lungs on fire? That’s the idea! Just remember that you do get a brief rest time — while you’re changing your weights. Use that time to catch your breath a little. Also, remember that not everything needs to be touch-and-go.

3. Tiger Blood

What’s one way to spice up weightlifting? Throw in some cardio. This clean and jerk WOD from Ben Bergeron calls for three rounds of:

  • 10 clean and jerks (135/95lb)
  • 400-meter run

Tip: Yes, the goal is to move as fast as you can. However, you also don’t want to redline and completely burn out. If you need to break up the clean and jerks, do it! Use that brief rest to take a few deep breaths. For the run, pick a speed you can maintain so that you don’t end up having to slow down to a total walk.

4. Abbate

This hero WOD is for time, but don’t look at it as a sprint. That’s a good way to run out of gas — fast.

  • 1-mile run
  • 21 clean and jerks (155/105lb)
  • 800-meter run
  • 21 clean and jerks (155/105lb)
  • 1-mile run

Tip: The tricky thing about this WOD is that the reps are high and the weights are decent and you have a ton of running. The name of the game? Pace yourself! Go slower than you think you need so that you can maintain a good pace throughout, instead of hitting your limit.

5. Robert Crawford

We’ve got another hero WOD that includes everyone’s least favorite exercise: burpees! For time, complete:

  • 50 clean and jerks (95/65lb)
  • 50 burpees

Tip: The weight isn’t going to stop you here; it’s the endurance aspect. Break up the clean and jerks before you think you need to, and breathe, breathe, breathe. The same goes for the burpees. Your shoulders are going to be on fire, so every time you break, shake it out.

Remember that as you get through these clean and jerk WODs, having the right gear and equipment is going to help you position yourself for success. Show up to the gym prepared with chalk, the right barbell, bumper plates, and clips/collars.