You know Steen’s artwork when you see it.

Steen Jones is an artist in Brisbane, Australia. His creativity was first hatched 10 years ago as a tattoo artist. Today, he has his own design studio and clothing brand. His art takes the form of murals to tattoos to clothes to everything in between. The freelance artist has created works of art for Rolling Stone, Delta Airways, Converse, Vans, L’Oreal, and Red Bull — just to name a few. And every single time, no matter what he’s designing, his work is uniquely his.

His adventures have taken him from Portugal and Scotland to China, New Zealand, Switzerland, and beyond. His thirst for art and adventure is insatiable, and he’s obsessed with detail and quality. We knew we had to work with him. The WOD Life is proud to introduce our latest limited edition collection, the result of an incredible collaboration with the one and only Steen Jones.

Steen begins his artwork by hand — not because he doesn’t have the technology to do it digitally, but because this is how he ensures that each and every design looks exactly how he wants it to. This painstaking attention to detail guarantees that no matter where his artwork ends up, it’s going to look flawless each and every time.

Steen Jones painting by hand

We wanted Steen to take what The WOD Life stands for — strength and courage, compassion and community, excitement and energy — and put that to paper. The bright, bold colors and fearless imagery encapsulate what we feel makes our mission so important.

Steen Jones designs for The WOD Life

After putting paint to paper, Steen moved to his computer.

steen jones working at computer

The process of translating physical images to the virtual realm is a delicate one. But Steen’s eye for detail and inspirational obsession with quality means that whatever digital images he renders will look so real, you think you can reach out and touch them.

The final product? Jaw-dropping. The colors pop. The designs are almost three-dimensional. This is a collaboration we’re immensely proud of.

limited edition shorts and socks

Steen Jones women's designs

Steen Jones women's prints

This collaboration went beyond fruitful. It was fun. Working with Steen, we thought outside the box to bring you prints and items with a completely fresh perspective.

Literally — fresh.

air freshener

The collection even includes tote bags and towels.

Steen Jones tote bag

Steen Jones towel

Steen refuses to settle for anything less than best — something we share in common. As always, you can ensure that The WOD Life’s items are the quality you want and need. Designed for both aesthetics and functionality, you get the support, comfort, and durability that your training demands of you. Whether you’re knocking out pull-ups or power cleans, burpees or sprints, Steen Jones and The WOD Life are here for you every step of the way.

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