Many athletes in the functional fitness community expressed their dislike for Sanctionals, much preferring Regionals instead. HQ has found a promising solution, with Semifinals.

In one of HQ’s latest announcements, they offered more details on the brand new phase. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Semifinals will happen over four consecutive weekends in May and June. Specific dates have not yet been announced.
  • Each event will have 30 men, 30 women, and 20 teams, based on the April performances in the Quarterfinals.
  • Each continent will have at least one Semifinal and will send at least one man, woman, and team to the Games.
  • There will be the Last Chance Qualifier for people who narrowly missed qualifying via a Semifinal.

HQ has also confirmed what the specific events will be for each continent.

  • North America: CrossFit Atlas Games, Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge, Granite Games, CrossFit West Coast Classic
  • Europe: CrossFit German Throwdown, CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown
  • Oceania: Torian Pro
  • Asia: CrossFit Asia Invitational
  • South America: Brazil CrossFit Championship
  • Africa: CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town

A Few Highlights…

Australia will be thrilled to see their event up there, previously left out of Sanctioned events. The Torian Pro has been a well publicized competition, attracting more than one big-name athlete.

Brazil was a shoo-in for Latin America. CrossFit has a massive presence there, and they hosted the last Regional event for Latin America. You might remember how that year, there was a huge truckers strike, which meant that no equipment was delivered. The CF community there didn’t let that stop them. They banded together and found their own equipment, and the show went on.

Importantly, the state of coronavirus is still one potential curveball. While Oceania has made positive strides, other parts of the world have not, to the same degree. Dates and locations for the Semifinals could very well change, if the pandemic throws us for another loop.

While all of the details haven’t yet been confirmed, HQ is slowly answering one of the biggest question marks left in this competitive season.

Stay tuned for more details…

Main image: Kara Saunders/Instagram