You’ve probably noticed that things have been a little… crazy?… for the world of CrossFit lately. Between coronavirus throwing a huge wrench in planning for the Games and upcoming Open, along with Greg Glassman making his exit and Eric Roza stepping in as owner and CEO, things are rapidly changing.

It’s left a lot of us wondering what the coming months will look like. While we don’t have all the answers (and neither does HQ), we do know a little more now. Castro recently appeared on the Masters Fitness Collective podcast and offered some interesting updates and points of discussion.

A Few of the Highlights

The Games

There’s still a big possibility that it won’t even happen, but they’re fighting for it. They plan to keep athletes in a “bubble” and administer coronavirus testing throughout.

Even with the significantly reduced pool of athletes, Castro is still confident that they’ll find the fittest man and woman on earth.

Affiliates will be better represented at the Games — something that was lost when Regionals went away.

The Backlash

Castro won’t discredit Glassman and still stands by one thing for certain: He built CrossFit. However, he’s still excited for new ownership and the changes to come. As for the athletes who said they’d bail on CrossFit after Glassman’s comments, Castro couldn’t care less, because CrossFit is so much bigger than any one person — including him, Glassman, and the fittest.

How He Really Feels About Mat Fraser

After recents comments Castro made about how he doesn’t think Fraser will win again, he confirmed that yes, he was trying to get people talking, but he also knows that victory can disappear at any moment. Castro sees how much Fraser has traveled, all his work with Nike, and so on, and says it takes a toll — combined with years of training and competing.

Watch the full video to learn more.

Main image: Masters Fitness Collective/Instagram