Alec Smith: CrossFit athlete, incredible gymnast, and all-around badass. It’s not often that we get to tag along for a day with a pro, but that’s exactly what we did. The WOD Life spent some quality time with Alec to learn more about what it takes to be a CrossFit competitor.

Day 1 landed on Alec’s recovery day, so we followed him to a recovery studio in New York where he got some serious TLC. Check it out below.

Recovery is no joke. Alec makes this a priority so that he can get back to the gym and hit his next workout hard.

And that’s exactly where Day 2 brought us. We headed to Solace and watched Alec get through his sessions, sweat up a storm, fuel up, and hang with his best friend.

We’ve always admired Alec’s incredible work ethic and positive attitude. Keep it up!

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