By this point in your training, you’ve probably noticed how big of a difference your footwear can make. With so many unique kinds of shoes available on the market, it can be quite confusing for even seasoned athletes to find what they need. Don’t let the wrong shoes stop you from demolishing your next WOD. Knowledge is power — here are some basics you need to know, plus examples of various kinds of shoes.

1. Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting shoes are generally built to provide stability, support, and structure in the heel and midfoot. The Inov8 Fastlift 335 delivers all of this and more. This type of shoe helps you lift more weight by helping you transfer all the force from your body to the weight.

weightlifting shoes

Others might consider shoes with little to no padding, also called barefoot shoes. However, the raised heel found in weightlifting shoes has numerous benefits. First is that it allows you to have better posture when lifting. It also gives your ankles an increased range of motion, allowing you to squat deeper. The way these shoes are built gives support under and around your foot, as well. This helps you stand straight up quickly out of your lifts.

2. Training Shoes

For a complete package functional fitness shoe, you need one that gives you comfort, stability, power and lateral support. This kind of shoe should help you get through WODs fast and go for longer. An ideal shoe is light, responsive, and flexible. It should move with you naturally yet still support your feet for high impact movements.

training shoes

With an 8mm drop through the heel to forefoot, the Inov-8 All-Train 215 is designed for the following:

    • High-intensity workouts.
    • HIIT.
    • F45.
    • Circuit training.
    • Strength training.
    • Endurance strength workouts.
    • Boxing.
    • Speed work.
    • Bootcamp classes.
    • Plyometric training.
    • Agility training.

3. Light Shoes

When the goal is to move fast, you should look for a shoe that can help you give your best overall performance. While heel drops are important for runners, a zero heel drop can be good for those who want a responsive, firm shoe with grip and stability.

For example, the F-Lite 235 V2.0 is built with Rope-Tec™ reinforcements to protect you from burns when you climb ropes. It’s a well-rounded shoe for the well-rounded functional fitness performer. It doesn’t hurt that the shoe looks good too.

functional fitness shoes

There’s a shoe for all your needs as a functional fitness athlete. As a beginner, you may want to choose one that can give you overall support and performance. If you are starting to find your niche or have decided to compete in a certain category, then you can select a more specialized shoe. Whatever it is, The WOD Life has the shoe for you. Shop our selection of shoes today.