Have you started thinking about powerlifting more often in the gym? You’re not alone. Powerlifting is the ultimate strength sport that translates across countless other sports. Lifting heavy is vital to achieving your fitness goals because the stress you put your muscles through followed by the subsequent healing process is ultimately what makes you grow stronger.

Now, what gear do you need to get off on the right foot? We’re so glad you asked. Here are four things every powerlifter needs.

1. A Really Sturdy Weightlifting Belt

While you shouldn’t rely on a belt for light to moderate weights (say, when you’re working between 60% and 70% of your personal best — in which case, let your core do the job), there will inevitably come a day when you’re repping out much heavier loads or maxing out singles. The right belt will both provide extra protection to your lower torso and help keep your core in the proper position to lift a few more kilos than you would otherwise. It’s about staying safe and also putting yourself in the best position to lift as heavy as you can.

Powerlifting is unique because these athletes lift so much more than most others. This calls for an exceptionally durable belt that can rise to the challenge. We love this padded leather lifting belt. It’s super comfortable while providing maximum support, and the double prong closure means that thing isn’t going to budge.

powerlifting belt

2. Comfortable But Strong Wrist Wraps

Wrist pain is one of the most common complaints amongst weightlifters, especially newbies. While you may not have much need for wrist wraps for deadlifts, during the bench press and even back squats, the extra support really comes in handy. Wrist wraps do an excellent job stabilizing and keeping the wrist in a neutral and secure position so that it doesn’t hyperextend while managing a heavy load.

While you should always be sure to work on wrist strength and mobility, having wraps to give a little extra security is certainly a smart move. The SBD wrist wraps are always a good choice and a go-to in the powerlifting and Strongman communities. They’re very stiff but still offer some flexibility.

powerlifting wrist wraps

3. Reliable Knee Wraps

Knee wraps are favored and highly recommended by powerlifters, because they provide compression, warmth, and therefore stability to creaky joints, particularly when performing squat movements of any kind. Knee wraps can help prevent unnecessary damage and even injury. We’re huge fans of these neoprene knee wraps because they actually offer the best of knee wraps and knee sleeves. Win!

powerlifting knee wraps

4. The Proper Footwear

You have a lot of options when it comes to shoes. If you’re not quite sure yet which direction to go in, the Adidas Adipower is always a safe bet. This is an excellent all-around weightlifting shoe and provides the much-needed stability to give you the powerful stance necessary for deadlifts and back squats. Everything starts with your feet and they’re what connect you to the ground, so treat ’em right!

powerlifting shoes

Set yourself up for success and head to the gym equipped with all the best gear. Shop with TWL today!