Oh, Dave. Dave, Dave, Dave. Never change.

Dave Castro took to Instagram to drop another clue about the CrossFit Games, this time about Event 1. And based on his clue, Event 1 could be… pretty much anything.

HQ did throw us a bone, though, and revealed what Event 2 is going to be — and we’ve gotta say… we like it. It’s very no-frills. There’s not much to it. But it’s going to be brutal, and it’s going to separate the fittest from the athletes who can’t quite hang.

In a separate video, Adrian Bozman explains why this event is so cool. You can’t really strategize. There are no tricks or shortcuts to take. You just grab the corn sack and move.

You might recognize this from 2009 and 2016. But Castro knows that the athletes have raised the bar. What was hard in 2009 and 2016 isn’t quite so challenging today. So, they increased the distance even more.

Bring it on.

Main image: Dave Castro/Instagram