It’s always a smart idea to finish your sweat sesh with a little accessory work. These exercises help keep you healthy, cool your body down, and build additional strength. Here’s an interesting one we stumbled upon on Brent Fikowski’s Instagram: sorenson (sometimes spelled “sorensen”) holds.

Hop in the GHD machine facing the ground and hold your torso at parallel. To increase the difficulty, hold a small change plate in front of your chest, like Fikowski did.

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Try to hold this for 3 rounds of 30 seconds each (or thereabouts).

If you’re wondering what muscles this works, the short answer is… all of them. To hold this position, you will need to engage your core, glutes, hammies, and beyond. There’s no movement required, but don’t underestimate it: this is going to burn.

Main image: Brent Fikowski/Instagram