They used to be devices you’d mostly find in your physical therapist’s office, but Theragun changed all of that. It made percussive therapy more affordable and accessible not just for the everyday athlete, but for anyone who needs help taking care of their body.

The history of Theragun reveals a journey that’s seen every iteration better than the last. Not content to settle for one model, though, Theragun offers a whole family of devices, based on your goals and needs. Let’s get to know some of them a little bit better.

The Theragun Family


Theragun Pro, hands down, is in a league of its own. It’s the most advanced recovery tool for everyone from the Games competitor to the casual gym-goer. The app uses the data it collects about you to create recovery routines that fit your needs. It’s got the biggest motor and highest torque.

theragun pro recovery device

Pro delivers a customisable speed range of 1750-2400 PPMs and up to 60 pounds of no-stall force. Plus, it’s made with two swappable lithium-ion batteries for continuous run-time. That’s 150 minutes of runtime each.


Elite completely changed the game of percussive therapy, making for one of the most personalised experiences you can get. Whether your muscle troubles are coming from a grueling WOD or sitting at a desk all day, Theragun Elite can help.

theragun elite

The Therabody app connects seamlessly to the device via Bluetooth. It delivers customised wellness routines pulled directly from your activity data. This is how it’s able to offer help that’s so unique and specific to you. The grip is designed to avoid any strain or tension while you’re using the device.

Elite operates with a 16mm amplitude that helps it reach 60% deeper into your muscle tissues than competing devices. Note that Elite is more feature-rich than Prime.


Theragun Prime is the perfect balance of strength, power, and style. It makes hardly any sound and offers all of the functions essential to percussive therapy. Prime is built with a five-speed range, making it easy to design a customised therapy session using the connected app and following the guided routines.

theragun prime

The Prime’s 16mm amplitude hits 60% deeper into your muscle (and delivers up to 30 pounds of no-stall force) than consumer-grade vibration massagers, making it a pro at stimulating circulation, generating heat, and releasing your deepest tension.


Theragun really raised the bar with Liv. Aside from the Mini (more on that in a minute), the Liv is their most lightweight and portable device. It works with two attachments that are unique to this specific model. The standard ball is excellent for overall use, and the dampener is for more tender areas or spots near your bones.

The 45-minute built-in battery life will be more than enough for you to tackle knots, tight tissues, and muscle soreness. Feel the difference with Theragun Liv.


The Theragun Mini is the ultimate in compact recovery and complements the other designs beautifully. It’s pocket-sized in nature, but don’t let that fool you. It still offers a deep muscle treatment — and unparalleled portability.

woman using theragun mini

Like its siblings, it’s built with QuietForce Technology, making it powerful but surprisingly quiet. The Mini comes with the standard ball attachment and three speed settings, still offering for plenty of customised recovery options.

You can take this with you to the gym, on your trips, to the office, or anywhere else, thanks to its portability. Work on your recovery game no matter where you are, whenever you want.

Gains happen when you’re at rest, which is why it’s crucial that you recover as hard as you train. Remember that even mere tightness and immobility can lead to injury down the road. Make recovery a part of your everyday routine, and your body will feel the benefits.

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