Josh Bridges recently posted a WOD to his Instagram page and hashtagged it with “do the things you don’t want to do,” which about sums it up. We’re warning you: there are burpees and rope climbs.

In a weighted vest.

Approach at your own risk! (Need a new vest? We like this one.)

30-min AMRAP

  • 10 prison burpees (burpee with 3 push-ups)
  • 1 rope climb 15’
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Scaling Options

The most obvious option to first scale this WOD is to remove the weighted vest and do it only with your own body weight.

If you don’t have push-ups quite yet, try doing them either from your knees or on an incline — for instance, by placing your hands on a box.

If rope climbs are out of the question, instead, practicing pulling yourself from a seated to a standing position using the rope, so you still get to work on building that upper body strength.

Get after it!

Main image: Josh Bridges/Instagram