Haters Gonna Hate!

The training methodology of CrossFit is a polarising subject that’s for sure. Across the internet you will read articles like “Why I don’t do CrossFit“, “The Pros and Cons of CrossFit” and “CrossFit: The good, the bad and the ugly“.

As CrossFit continues to gain momentum across the globe, it will continue to develop as many critics as it will followers. If this happens, you are generally doing something right.

Whenever there is a CrossFit related video posted on Facebook or youtube, you can be pretty sure when you start to read the comments there will be an amazing amount of people criticising the movement, questioning the purpose and amusing themselves with sarcastic comments.

Why does this happen every time?

There are two opposing forces surrounding CrossFit, the first being those who are super passionate about CrossFit. It’s ability to provide general physical preparedness, delivering a sense of purpose and strong community. Also celebrating the achievements of athletes around the world constantly pushing their personal barriers to set new records in a way that is measurable.

Then there is the other side. People who are equally passionate about not liking CrossFit. Often from a traditional bodybuilding or globo gym background, focusing on strict movements for strength and aesthetics. Whenever a CrossFit related post on Facebook or Youtube is posted,  the group on this side of the fence feel so strongly against the training methodology of CrossFit that they feel the need to voice their thoughts.

What are the most common criticisms?

  • You call that a pull up? That’s not a pull up!
  • They are going to tear a rotator cuff!
  • You can’t call that a functional movement!
  • Oh you are definitely going to get Rhabdo!
  • That’s dangerous!
  • But bro, you are going to lose all your gains!
  • Fittest on earth? You have to be kidding me.
  • He is on steroids for sure!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion

The beauty about the internet, is that everyone is entitled to their opinion. We are all entitled to like and enjoy what we are passionate about and conversely, equally entitled to feel passionate about the aspects in life we don’t have a preference for. When these two opposing forces combine, it results in pure fireworks! These two amazingly passionate factions, go into battle, for the sole purpose of protecting what they feel most passionate about.
The most common example is the kipping pull up. Whenever the FRAN workout video if 21-15-9 pull ups and thrusters is posted, the comments light up!

Focus on the positives

When we feel so passionate and strongly about a subject matter, it is often an automatic reaction to vigorously defend this and battle those who hold an opposing points of view. Take a step back, just because you like something in particular, doesn’t then automatically mean you have to dislike the opposite.  It is important to understand all points of view objectively, regardless of whether you believe they are right or wrong. You don’t have to necessarily take them on board, but it is these points of view which will confirm or dispute what you are passionate about.

At the end of the day, it’s important to focus on the positives that YOU are passionate about. What gets you up in the morning and what fires you up. If you are super passionate about CrossFit, awesome! Train hard, with good form under the watchful eye of a coach, recover eat well and enjoy the ride! On the flip side, if you love bodybuilding or enjoy the competitive aspects of a particular sport, perfect! That’s also positive, channel your energies to get the best out of yourself that in your chosen field.

Here at The WOD Life, we are passionate about human performance and the lifestyle of fitness. If the activity gets you up and off the couch, awesome! We all share passions for CrossFit and Functional Fitness and not only appreciate, but celebrate the achievements through other avenues of Fitness such as Strongman, Olympic Lifting, Bodybuilding, Gymnastics and more!

Photo Credit: The CrossFit Games