Annie Thorisdottir has made podium at the CrossFit Games more than once — and whenever she’s up there, we all have one thought: man, she is STRONG. It goes without saying she spends countless hours in the gym, dedicated to her sport like most others never will be; but what exactly is she doing in there to become as ripped as she is? Well, now we know at least one of her exercises: wide grip pull-ups.

In a recent Instagram post, Thorisdottir shared her last of four sets of 10 strict pull-ups. If you haven’t experimented with a wide grip, it forces you to engage in a different way and adds a whole new challenge. Regardless, Thorisdottir made them look easy, as she often does. A lot of us are still scaling pull-ups, and that’s totally okay; but this Dottir certainly gives us a new goal to strive for!

Main image: Annie Thorisdottir/Facebook