You’ve trained harder than ever before — pushed yourself to your limits and beyond. You’re crushing the Open workouts and having a blast with your community. Giving your body the right fuel to maintain this pace through the Open is vital. Without it, your months of hard work could come crashing down. Let’s take a look at how you can stay fueled and perform this year.

fuel properly

Pre-WOD Nutrition

Fueling up prior to tackling the workout means your body will have time to start digesting the food you eat and, crucially, turning it into pure power. So, what types of food should you focus on ahead of the WOD? The key here is consuming healthy, slow carbohydrates, which will release long-lasting energy over time, such as:

  • Whole grains
  • Brown rice
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit

Consume these around an hour before you hit the Open Workout. These foods will keep you from crashing mid-workout. Conversely, there are certain food groups you should avoid — like high-fat and processed foods. These types of foods not only take longer to digest, but they also take a whole lot of energy to break down. That means you could end up depriving yourself of vital resources when you eat them.

And don’t forget your pre-workout! The Progenex Force pre-workout sachets are ridiculously convenient and will help you compete harder with a sharper mind. Gold Standard also has an excellent pre-workout.

pre workout

Right before the competition, there’s still time to ensure you have the fuel you so desperately need. Around 30 to 60 minutes before your Open workout starts, take an amino acid supplement. Research suggests that ingesting branched-chain amino acids prior to exercise can reduce muscle fatigue and support post-exercise recovery. We like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA. This stuff helps us get through long workouts, and makes recovery so much easier.

Mid-Open Hydration

If you’re able to hydrate mid-WOD (or even immediately after), you may want to try an electrolyte-infused drink or a supplement, such as InfraRed (which can actually be taken before, during, or after your WOD). Avoiding Exercise-Associated Muscle Cramps (EAMC) is crucial to your success throughout the Open, and finishing as strong as you started. According to a study from the University of Alabama, consuming electrolyte supplements could help prevent the onset of EAMC, meaning you can last longer and compete harder. Simple.

How to Refuel Afterward

Proper nutrition post-WOD might just be the most vital. This helps ensure your body can heal from the stress it was just put under — so you can crush the next Open workout like the beast you are. Post-WOD nutrition should include plenty of protein and carbs to repair your muscles. We’re huge fans of Origen protein. It’s clean, lean and uncomplicated, and it contains only three ingredients, so you know it’s natural. (BTW, it also makes a killer snack post-workout, if you want to try this recipe.)

high protein snack

For carbs, you want something fast-acting, so your muscles can begin the recovery process ASAP. Think bananas or honey.

If you want to make life easier, buy everything you need all at once. Our Open Supplements Kit contains Origen protein, Extreme Endurance and Gold Standard Pre-Workout. Having your best Open yet is easier when you do it with The WOD Life. Shop with us today! (Psst! We have express and international shipping.) Good luck in the Open, everyone!

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