Mat Fraser has never been a “flashy” type of athlete. He keeps his head down and puts in the work, which might explain why — year after year (after year after year) — he finishes at the top of the podium.

BTW, can anyone beat him?! Maybe that’s a discussion for another blog. Anyway…

With Phase 1 of the 2020 CrossFit Games over, and Fraser sitting very comfortably in first place, we’re wondering what he’s been up to as Phase 2 quickly approaches. How does the fittest man on earth prepare when he’s already so, you know, fit?

How Mat Fraser is Prepping for Phase 2 of the Games


Like any true pro, Fraser knows that training is only one part of the equation. Nutrition is another. And this man eats good.

He always gives a hat tip to his partner in crime, Sammy Moniz – also known as Feeding the Frasers on Instagram. She’s responsible for much of what we see on his plate. And if you’re in the mood to sit at your computer and drool, just head to her IG page. You’ve been warned.

One thing we’ve always loved about Fraser is that while he knows perfectly well how important it is to be mindful of your nutrition, he’s also not afraid to chow down and indulge. Here he is with some well-deserved brats. #balance


As for his training, you know what they say about CrossFit. It’s constantly varied, and the champions will prove to be good at… just about everything. So, Fraser has been taking his training to the water…

… and the rower…

… and he’s throwing in some really challenging box jumps, just for good measure, as if box jumps weren’t hard already.

And let’s not forget that he has fellow champ Tia-Clair Toomey at his side. They’ve both said before that they really push each other, which is probably one reason why they were both victorious after Phase 1. (By the way, don’t forget to check out our blog on how Tia and Mat compare to each other head to head.)


With his intensity of training, you can bet Fraser’s body takes a serious beating. This means that recovery isn’t just important. It’s absolutely vital. To start? Mobility. Lots and lots of it.

This also means plenty of R&R to give his body and mind time to decompress.

There are a ton of moving parts when it comes to being the fittest on earth (multiple times), and Fraser’s covering them all. He knows not to get too comfortable, though – especially with Noah Ohlsen feeling particularly hungry this year. Do you think Fraser’s efforts will pay off and culminate with another first-place finish? Sound off in the comments below!

Main image: Mat Fraser/Instagram