Ladies, do you ever feel like when it comes to the clothes you wear to the gym, you always have to sacrifice something? If it looks good, it’s uncomfortable. If you move well in it, then you don’t like the way you look in it.

There’s always something.

On our journey to become your go-to online fitness store, we made a decision to offer fashionable and functional fitness apparel for all bodies, regardless of your shape, size, or style. After all, that’s what this community is all about: welcoming everyone with open arms.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to our new women’s collection, packed with gorgeous new colors and comfortable, innovative styles. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got going on.

Fresh, New Colours

You can’t go wrong with your standard black, white, and grey. But what about Crimson, Plum, Troop Blue, Lilac Chalk, and Mint Grey? These are the shades you can expect to find in our new women’s collection.

women's collection the wod life

And don’t think you have to stick to one solid colour. Buy the pieces separately to mix and max your favourite hues.

We decided on these colours so that you could step into the gym and make a statement. It’s about feeling confident and powerful in the apparel you’re wearing, and giving you the options you need to build your own style and dress how you feel. When you look good, you feel good, and you perform like a true champ.

But like we said earlier, it’s not all about the way you look…

Comfortable Styles and Cuts

Pretty colours are good and all… but how do our new pieces feel?

We’re really excited about the High Waisted Extra Long Balance Shorts. If low-rise booty shorts are your thing, great! But the fact of the matter is that many lady athletes prefer a little more coverage. We got this idea from you. Many of our customers expressed how much they love our Balance Shorts, but they wish they were a little longer.

So, we delivered.

The higher waist and longer inseam make for a more comfortable and secure feel. We’ve built these with a tapered waist to prevent the shorts from moving while you’re training. In addition, the shorts include a built-in silicone band around the thighs to stop them from rolling up. The material is naturally breathable and you’ll find a small pocket inside the waistband.

That’s how you do functional fitness apparel.

high-waisted long balance shorts

No longer will the waistband of your shorts ride down and the legs ride up when you’re doing squats or box jumps. Everything stays put exactly where it belongs.

Don’t forget that if shorts aren’t your jam, our new women’s collection includes high-waisted tights.

The Pulse Bra is another addition that we think you’re going to love. The extra soft, sweat-wicking material hugs your upper body for medium support. It’s tough enough for even the most grueling of WODs but comfortable enough for running errands.

The Pulse Bra includes removable pads so that you get to decide what kind of coverage and shaping you have.

Best yet, it features our new longline shape and extra-wide band. This helps to keep you tucked in and offers better coverage whether you’re doing burpees or max clean and jerks. It’ll especially come in handy for those overhead moves.

pulse bra

That’s not all you’ll find in our new collection. The high-waisted shorts also come in a medium length. Additionally, you can buy these items in a combo — like shorts and a bra or tights and a bra. Whatever style piques your interest, whatever type of support you’re looking for, The WOD Life has you covered.

You need gym clothes that are going to work as hard as you do. Through all your max deadlifts and EMOMs and tabatas and chippers, all women deserve to have clothes that are going to help them hit that next PR and make them feel like a total beast while they’re doing it. We’re proud to carry fitness fashion for every body: tall, short, curvy, lean, and everything in between.

Ready to elevate your style and make some serious gains in the gym? Shop our new women’s range today and see what all the fuss is about.