You might recall earlier last year when Lee Davis did Murph 16 times in 24 hours. It’s painful to even think about because doing Murph, you know, one time, is already challenging enough. Well, that isn’t going to stop Jamie Milne and Russell Stringer, who have a goal to do Murph 22 times in one day, which will beat the current world record, which sits at 19.75.

Jamie Milne is the owner of Jamie Milne Training in Warana, and along with longtime JMT gym member and friend, Russell Stringer, they are dedicating this challenge to support Dementia Australia, a charity very close to Jamie’s heart and one that he has supported over the years. Their goal? Raise $10,000. And they’re already more than halfway there! Check out their fundraising progress here.

jamie and russell

As a refresher, Murph consists of a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and another one-mile run, all done in a row while wearing a 20-pound vest. Multiply that by 22 and we’re looking at 2,200 pull-ups, 4,400 push-ups, 6,600 squats, and 70.4 km of running. They’ll be wearing a 10kg vest.

athlete preparing for murph challenge

Jamie and Russell have worked hard in the lead-up, having started their strict training schedule — a 15-week program! — on the 1st of October. Their weekly training program consisted of strenuous strength sessions, long runs with weighted vests, intense conditioning workouts, and weekends full of continuous Murphs.

athlete training for murph

All the training has paid off and both Jamie and Russell are feeling well conditioned and on track for the upcoming record attempt.

They will be attempting the world record on Thursday, the 21st of January at 4pm until the 22nd of January at 4pm at Jamie Milne Training, 2/7 Premier Circuit, Warana, Sunshine Coast.

The WOD Life is cheering you on, friends. Go get ’em.

Stay tuned for updates!