Last week, we told you about Jamie Milne and Russell Stringer, who set a goal to do Murph 22 times in one day, which would beat the current world record of 19.75.

So, did they get there?

“We are so very proud and overcome with emotion (and tired) to announce that there is a new world record!” they announced.

It was no easy task. The men started out strong, but unfortunately, Jamie took a serious hit. Starting in Round 4, he began experiencing extreme body cramping and seizing. He kept pushing, under close medical watch, and like a true warrior, kept fighting until Round 13, when they made a call, and Jamie decided to stop.

The men came together, and Russell decided he would keep going in the pursuit of the world record. He was completely dedicated to finishing and staying strong not just for their team but for their main cause, Dementia Australia. Russell fought past expectations of what the human body can achieve, and they are now the new world record holder for the greatest number of Murph workouts in 24 hours.

They set the new record at an amazing 20.16 total Murphs in a 24-hour period — astonishing, to say the least.

Congratulations to all involved — what an incredible accomplishment!

Main image: Jamie Milne Training/Instagram