Every time news of a failed drug test hits, the opinions fly, understandably. It’s a sensitive issue, and rightfully so for the athletes who dedicate everything to their sport.

Some are quick to accuse all athletes of climbing the ladder of success dishonestly. But Khan Porter isn’t going to stand for it.

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Another publicised positive drug test from CrossFit HQ means the rest of us athletes have to now listen to the same old “BuT alL ThE gaMes AThletES arE On SomEThiNg” bullshit from anyone who’s tried to achieve something and failed and would rather pull others down than take any responsibility for the way their lives are. ~ Do performance enhancing drugs exist in our sport? Of course, especially with The Open being largely untested and a direct pathway to The Games… have a look at how many people crush The Open and then bomb in face-to-face competitions (this latest positive test highlights that flaw in the qualification system). BUT that doesn’t mean all of the top athletes are juicing, so stop using that as your excuse for why you still can’t snatch your bodyweight, or haven’t made the games 🙄. ~ I’ve heard people make snide comments about the integrity of athletes in the sport I love, too many times. It makes me furious. On a personal level, as someone who’s struggled with self image and identity my whole life, the successes I’ve had in sport are some of the few things about myself I’m genuinely proud of. I’m no saint, none of us are, but I’ve worked my ass off legitimately to get to where I am as an athlete. I’m certain this is true of most of the other guys and girls competing and I’m sure I speak for many in voicing this frustration. When people try to discredit the efforts of all the athletes who are out there doing the right thing because a few rotten eggs aren’t, It not only undermines their hard work, commitment and sacrifices, it’s also an attack on their integrity and character. ~ Basically, you’re being a (very bad word)* ~ *I removed the bad word in question as apparently it’s not as casually thrown around outside of Australia 😂 #ThanksForComingToMyTEDTalk

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