You might recall that we recently wrote about Mitchell Adams, who was challenging himself to complete 10,000 burpees in 24 hours to help raise £10,000 to donate to the NHS Charities in the fight against coronavirus. Many doubted him. 10,000 burpees in 24 hours? Impossible.

Well, don’t tell Mitchell that he can’t do something, because he will. And he did.

Yes, he crushed his goal and completed 10,000 burpees in 21 hours and 53 minutes! (BTW, at the time of this writing, everyone raised £11,218.)

After some of the DOMS wore off, he took some time to film a follow-up video, where he shared more about what the experience was like.

The human body is capable of amazing things. Don’t go attempting 10,000 burpees in a day, but know that you can do anything you set your mind to. Way to go, Mitchell!

Main image: Mitchell Adams/Instagram